About Me

About Me

What! An About Me page! Oh, OK.

Hi everyone,

I am a Quilt Pattern Designer, mostly of paper pieced patterns, but also some applique.

Most of my patterns are fandom inspired, to satisfy the geek in me. And Star Trek is what inspired me to start quilting. I really wanted a Star Trek quilt of my own, but there was nothing out there for me to use. The solution, design my own.

Very quickly my designs spread into other Fandom related themes. And the rest as they say is history.

I am completely hooked on paper pieced patterns, but a have a love of applique to.

The quilting bug bit me quite late in life, at the ripe old age of 40. I wish now that I had learned how to quilt from an early age.

Even though most of my patterns are Geeky, I do like more traditional patterns and quilts.

I am a single mom of 1 adult man, now 18.  And have a full-time, real life career as a website administrator.

For me, Quilting is my therapy, I try to quilt at least 2 hours a day, after work and as many hours as I can on holidays and weekends.

I am also a Staff Writer and pattern designer for Fandom in Stitches. www.fandominstitches.com

You can contact me through contact box below.


Vanda Chittenden