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Completed Smartphone Quilt

Completed Smartphone Quilt

It is done, finally! It took a couple of months, but here she is on all her glory.

Completed Smartphone Quilt

All these patterns and much, much more is still available for free on Fandom in Stitches in the link below.

Completed Smartphone Quilt

There are several layouts to choose from as well, in the end my mom decided in the Ipad layout, as this quilt is for her. And she is completely addicted to her Ipad.

You can still join in with the quilt along. Even though it “ended in December”, there is still people joining in and starting their quilts.

And some closeups of all the blocks that went into the quilt.

There will be a second quilt, and has been added to my list of things to do. But not right now, as I have to finish off some current bom’s and qal’s.

Plus I need to finish preparing for my Fantastic Beasts quilt along starting in October.

Fantastic Beasts

I will keep a database here, and you can follow the quilt along from here as well. But the main event will be hosted by Fandom in Stitches.


Tomorrow I have some catch up blocks to show, from the My Favorite Things block of the month.

My Favorite Things


And lastly, but definitely not least, I have been working on a Romulan Pattern for my Star Trek Series. Hopefully I will have this one tested in the next week or two and then I will share it with all of you.



Backgammon Reverse Applique Block

Backgammon Reverse Applique Block

The latest pattern from the Play with me Quilt Along.

Alida from Twelogdesign is the designer and quilt along leader for these patterns.

This is my attempt.

The latest pattern from the Play with me Quilt Along

Now, I will be completely honest with you. This was the first time I tried reverse applique …. and I didn’t like it. But after having a chat with Alida, I will try this technique again on a different pattern, I might change my mind.

I chose two bright colors for the triangles behind a plain blue foreground. As an afterthought, i probably should have chosen a more vibrant color.

Each block in this quilt along, teaches you a new technique and a different way to quilt a motive on the pattern.

The quilting bit I haven’t tried yet. I am still deciding to wait to finish all the patterns, or quilt as you go.

These were the previous two patterns I have made so far.

Backgammon Reverse Applique Block Backgammon Reverse Applique Block

All the patterns can be found by clicking on the link below.

Backgammon Reverse Applique Block

Please go an have a look at what Alida has on her blog and hopefully you will join us for this fun quilt along.


Tomorrow I will post my finished quilt for the Ipad quilt along I took part in, all these patterns are still free and there are people joining every day to join in the fun.


Plus some other quilt and sew along catch up photos, from

  • My Favorite things Block of the month
  • X-files Quilt and sew along
  • Sunbonnet Sue and Sam travels the world
  • And some information about the Fantastic Beasts Quilt Along happening in October


Don’t forget that the Minions quilt along is starting soon on Fandom in Stitches.


Have an awesome crafty week.


Messenger App

Messenger App

Messenger App

My latest finished block for the Smart Phone Quilt Along.

All patterns are designed by Jennifer Rowles at Fandom in Stitches.

The is nearly a hundred different apps to choose from, and five different layouts.  Including an Iphone style layout and an Ipad layout.

Because this Iphone quilt is for my mom, she has chosen the Ipad style layout, with enough block to make it a queens size bed quilt, to share with my dad.

I am planning on making a quilt for me as well, but this will have to wait, as I have to many things going on this year. So I will add to my “if I get a chance this year” list. There is way to many UFO’s to start something new.

All the patterns are free to download, click on the link below to go straight to the pattern page.

As soon on Fandom in Stitches2


Don’t forget the newest Block of them month, that has just started from Sewhooked. The bom is call “My Favourite Things” and is based on sewing things. This one has already started on 1 January 2016.


Starting on Wednesday is the X-files quilt along. This is going to be awesome.


Have a great day further and see you tomorrow for something Star Trek related.



Quilt plans galore 2016

Quilt plans galore 2016

Happy new year everyone! I hope this year brings you happiness and pleasure.

In yesterday’s post, I went through my list, and realized how far I veered of my planned list. But I did accomplish a whole lot.

This year I am planning a quilt along, of magical proportions.

There will be 97 paper pieced blocks, which will give you options, to pick and choose your favorites. The quilt along will start the first Wednesday of October and end the last Wednesday of December. This will include several layouts for you to choose from.

This quilt along is free.

Oh! you want to know what the theme is, I did mention that it is magical. Lets just say if you loved Harry Potter, then you will love this. It is not Harry Potter, but is related to it. And that is where I leave all my clues.

Unfortunately, I cannot not actually reveal the theme until September.

Now! For my 2016 list of projects.

UFO’s to finish

  • Create sewing machine house block for house quilt first week of January
  • Design and make baby duck quilt by end January
  • Finish Star Trek design and quilt
  • Finish Smart phone quilt for mom18842507521_97f0a35ebb
  • Finish Aunts UFO hexie quilt
  • Quilt 2nd pod quiltPoD2015ComingSoon_zpsf2dd6a6c
  • Finish Sith Robes

New quilt alongs, block of the months and blog hops

  • My Favourite Things – Sewhooked23165509552_86915aca91_m
  • X files quit along – Fandom in Stitches22506779958_0a22bbe335
  • Play with me – Twelo QuiltingPlayWithMeLogo
  • Sue and Sam Travels the world block of the month – Seams to be sewstbs-SSATW-Bom-300x300
  • Nuts about blog hop – Seams to be sewstbs-Nuts-About-267x300
  • Design a fish eagle quilt for dad.

Ok, now. And don’t think I a crazy, but I have some more UFO’s and ideas floating through my brain. The QAL and BOM I will not list here, as I am still in design stage with these. But the rest I will list below, if and a BIG IF I have a chance throughout this year, I will get to it list.

You also have to factor in the distraction of other peoples awesome projects.

  • Catch up with House quilt block quilt along
  • Postage stamp quilt
  • EQ7 Seasons Row along
  • Bear charity quilt
  • Pink house quilt
  • Black cabin table topper
  • UFO Embroidered quilt
  • Embroidered herbs wall hanging
  • hand bag
  • dog bed
  • Christmas stockings, multiples
  • Sharkie Quilt
  • Orphan blocks – Stella
  • 9 block hourglass table topper
  • Stars for Stella
  • Halloween quilt – Jennifers patterns
  • A friendly game
  • Mosaic Quilt
  • Camping and hiking themed quilt
  • Craftsy Lessons on applique patterns quilt
  • Rene Mom’s medallion quilt
  • Kitty cat quilt
  • Cozy afternoon quilt
  • Oceans bom – Quilt Art Designs
  • Chains of flora
  • Cute kitty quilt
  • Quilt doodle 2015 bom
  • Craftsy 2015
  • Craftsy 2016
  • Hogwarts crest wall hanging
  • Teeny tiny zipper pouches
  • Flower pot quilt
  • Make myself some clothes – hahahahhahahahahahhaha lol

And that I think is it for 2016. Wish me luck, because I am going to need it.

Thank you everyone for following me, I hope you enjoy the patterns I make this year. There is loads more Star Trek patterns cming your way.

The holidays have put a crimp in all my plans of what I wanted to do in December, now that the new year has started, things will be back on track again.



2015 in a nutshell

2015 in a nutshell.

It is the last day of the year 2015, I cant believe how the time has flown. And decided that I need to recap on my project list for 2015, that I had written up for this year.

It looks a bit dismal.

Below is the original list, and I will follow on below that with what I actually managed this year.

  1. POD 2015 –  Project of Doom, a Harry Potter quilt along, hosted Fandom in Stitches website and run by Jennifer.  – Finished one, quilt top is finished for a second one.finished quiltDark arts quilt
  2. Rainbow Brick Road Quilt  – for Charles, my son  – FO (Finished Object) (my own design based on a brick pattern.

    Rainbow Brick Road Quilt
    Rainbow Brick Road Quilt
  3. Sharky quilt – for Tanika, my niece  –  never started
  4. Craftsy Block of the Month 2015  –  never started
  5. Quilt Doodle Christmas BOM  –  never started
  6. Oceans BOM  –  never started
  7. Signature POD 2015 block  –  for Jennifer  –  finished and sent
  8. There and back again, Hobbit Quilt –  FIS  –  never started
  9. Not all who wonder are lost or NAWWAL, Lord of the Rings  –  FIS  –  never started
  10. Hogwarts School Crest Wall Hanging, Harry Potter  –  FIS  –  never started
  11. Hogwarts Castle Quilt, From Owlsea, Harry Potter  –  never started
  12. New Spock quilt, designed by me  –  designed but not started
  13. Old Spock quilt designed by Carol Steely  –  USo abandoned
  14. Various Christmas goodies, to numerous to mention –  finished and sent of some stockings, no photos, sorry.
  15. Various UFO quilts started by my late Aunt Stella, who passed away from cancer 1 month ago in early December 2014. finished some, and 1 sent to linus connection.
  16. Embroidery quilt, started 2000  –  no progress
  17. Cat quilt for Natasha  –  no progress
  18. Design Star Trek Patterns for Fandom in Stitches fans – many designed and made, still a work in progress
  19. Stars Quilt For Late Aunty Stella – never started
  20. Beatrix Potter Book Characters Patterns For Fandom in Stitches Fans. only two designed, no interest shown, so this project is shelved. (For now)
    Peter Rabbit
    Peter Rabbit

    Busy being tested, then I will attached a link for the patterns.


Added below is what I actually managed to do, that was not on my list.

Bedrunner for mom, made from purple scraps from my late aunt.

Purple Quilted Bed Runner, pieced.
Purple Quilted Bed Runner for mom

I became a staff writer and designer for Fandom in Stitches website.

FiSDesigner250Snape wallhanging for a swap on TTMT group on Livejournal.


Made some blocks for the EQ7 seasons row along.



Took part in the Halloween Blog Hop.22275017641_1873e89ba4_z

Christmas is in my Heart blog hop.


Made a Star Trek Christmas Themed Table Topper23960764656_5a4e5f267b_z

Bonsai Quilt for Dad


Minnie Mouse quilt for little niece Tanika.24062365795_da7f758261_z

Unfinished for 2015, but is works in progress.

  1. The smartphone quilt along on Fandom in Stitches.18842507521_97f0a35ebb
  2. Giant hexie quilt, one of my aunts started it 20 years ago, and I will be finishing it off 2016.
  3. Bear charity quilt
  4. Pink house wall hanging
  5. black cabin table runner
  6. embroidered quilt
  7. embroidered herbs wall hanging
  8. handbag
  9. dog bed made from old t shirts
  10. Christmas stocking
  11. Sharkie quilt
  12. Aunty Stella orphan blocks quilt
  13. 9 block and hour glass quilt table topper
  14. Quilt 2nd pod quilt top
  15. Finish Star Wars Sith Robes
  16. Star Trek quilt
  17. Lapkoors house quilt, need to design a sewing machine house for January.
  18. Quilt second Smartphone quilt

Tomorrow I will post my updated need to finish in 2016 to do list.

It is a bit long at the moment, and need to do a lot of cut throat decisions to shorten the list a bit.

Project updates

Christmas madness has arrived. So I thought I should do project updates. Just for November. I will look over my UFO list and wanted to start list later, towards the end of December.

Smartphone Quilt along, several more blocks done this week. The blocks is designed by Jennifer Rowles on Fandom in Stitches.


This one above is my design for the invitational happening in a couple of weeks.


Star Trek quilt, Nothing new this week, but have blocks ready to be sewn, and some more designs in the works, mostly requests.

Minnie Mouse quilt, haven’t started yet. Patterns are printed and ready to be sewn. HAS TO BE FINISHED FOR CHRISTMAS. For my niece.

Dad’s bonsai quilts, cut the batting, nothing further.

SUPER SECRET project, designed some more patterns, my secret keeper has sent back some tested blocks. This is for my QAL starting on 1 October 2016.

And that was it for November. Tomorrow starts the mad rush to finish off some Christmas presents.

Thank you for following me.

LLAP Vanda

“May I say that I have not thoroughly enjoyed serving with humans? I find their illogic and foolish emotions a constant irritant.”Star Trek, season 3, episode 7 (“Day of the Dove,” 1968)

Google Drive, Smartphone Quilt Along

Google Drive, Smartphone Quilt Along. So after a bit of sulking because of bad health, I restarted my blocks for the Smartphone Quilt Along.
This is a really fun quilt to make, anyone would love one for a present, from teenagers to granny and grandpa.

It has been a busy coupe of weeks, trying to get the project finished for the Halloween Haunts finished, plus I am busy with several project (secret ones). One surprise Christmas present for my son, and the massive, huge, awesome secret project that I now have a date for. The “big” secret project will be a quilt along, starting November next year, the quilt along will run for about 4 months, and you will have multiple choices of blocks and layouts to choose from.

I know it is a long time to wait, but it is AWESOME! a zillion times over. It is going to be worth the wait.

Here is what I finished last night for the Smartphone Quilt Along.

Smartphone Quilt Along
Google drive

And all the others so far.

All these patterns and more can be found for free at Fandom in Stitches here.

18842507521_97f0a35ebbAs soon on Fandom in Stitches2

Don’t forget to visit again, for the first day of the Halloween Haunts Blog Hop starting tomorrow.

Featured Haunts on Friday, October 16
A Stitch In Time
Marjorie’s Busy Corner
Words In Stitches
Quilted Delights

For more information on this blog hop, visit the link below.


Something else to look forward to is the Christmas is in my heart blog hop in November.

More information can be found in the link below.

stbs-2015-christmas-300x225And a little about me, I am a pattern designer. If you would like a special pattern designed, let me know, via comments or email me.

fis designer