Project of Doom Quilt is done!

Project of Doom Quilt is done!

Project of Doom Quilt is done! Finally, I can’t tell everyone how happy I am. She finished off so beautiful.

The Project of Doom quilt was part of a Quilt Along, that is still ongoing. New members join every day, some of the new member have never paper pieced before. So it does not matter how experienced you are, you CAN make this quilt.

I will be honest of you, this was my very first paper pieced quilt, ever.

All these patterns and more can be found here. They are all free.

Here is she is, Petunia in all her glory.

Project of Doom quilt

There is a couple more works in progress, that I am currently busy with. That is excluding all the ufo projects. (Un finished objects)

Here is the dark arts Project of Doom quilt top. Still has to be quilted.

Dark arts quilt

Then the EQ7 Seasons row along, only a couple of blocks done on this one so far.

All the patterns can be found here.

20996448458_ea64d3e750_z 21174639329_0649127f48_z 21174915889_43e7a6ac85_z

Then most importantly, my Star Trek quilt. Most of the patterns are my design, but a couple is designed from other people and 1 gifted item.

All the Start Trek Patterns can be found here, and they are all free.

3d chess set

shuttle 16907733586_c13766e075_b Batleth 16732050271_538c47cedf_z vulcan-insignia-star-trek-patterns_17220800680_o tester-is-jo-minvielle_16514649479_o llap-block-for-the-star-trek-quilt_16731247813_o drill-that-destroyed-the-vulcan-planet--star-trek-quilt_18029496892_o drexler-vulcan-commane-ship-daphne-seymour_16291495664_o dominion-insignia-star-trek_17939878141_o agleh-a-klingon-weapon_17884955485_o

Romulan Phaser
Romulan Phaser

The Smartphone Quilt Along, some finished blocks.

The patterns can be found here, they are also free.


16775790572_a26e255898_z 20419422174_861fe6bc87_z 21001937009_b2eea37326_z 21366920502_930c9c023b_z 21404209165_f2713fd886_z

And last but not least, the patterns I have designed for the Haunted Halloween Blog Hop. All the blocks is nearly all done. My reveal date is on 20 October, so be sure to check back for these great patterns.

More information can be found here for this blog hop.

There will be prizes to be won every day of the blog hop.


See you all soon for more.






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