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Fresh Snow Blog Hop

Fresh Snow Blog Hop

Today I have the great pleasure of taking part in another awesome blog hop with Marian Pena from Seams to be Sew. Thank you so much for organizing this event for us, you are a star.

The theme for this blog hop is Winter. We could make anything that is associated with winter, a thing or an event or a holiday.

We also needed to use something that is not cotton in our projects.

Since I live in the Southern Hemisphere, our winter fall over Easter! Easter reminds me of bunnies, chocolates and eggs.

In the end I decided on bunnies.

Fresh Snow Blog Hop

Bunny Ears to be exact.

Craftsy pattern download here.

I decided on applique for this project, the block is 10 x 10 inch excluding seam allowance. The green background is cotton for stability, the outer bunny ears a soft fluffy pink fleece, the inner bunny ears is a light brown velvet and had some in my stash.

The technique I used is raw edge applique, as I was not going to fiddle with turn under applique with that fleece.

And machine stitched a tight small zigzag stitch to secure it to the background.

Originally I was going to turn this block into a small bag, but it screamed to be turned into a pillow.

So instead of quilting the block, I just sewed another 10 x 10 inch of the same green cotton fabric to the back of the pillow, and stuffed it with leftover off cuts of batting used for other projects.

I hand stitched the opening closed, then for extra stability, I machine stitched a 1/4 inch along the edge of the pillow. So it looks sort of like a french seam.

The photo above is the only picture I have of the entire project, as my son took the pillow (without my knowledge) and promptly sold it (hey, no problem with that) within 5 minutes after I finished it.  Plus with several more orders for the same pillow, so that was a success. (whoop!)

But did have a chat with to wait until I have taken all my photos before selling my stuff. Hey I might even employ him as a sales manager. LOL.


Now for the Giveaways!

Marian Pena is giving away kits on her blog throughout this blog hop so make sure you visit her every day to enter and win this giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Or click on the link below to go to her blog.


Here is a schedule of other bloggers and designers for this event.

Jan 20

Jane’s Quilting
Lulu & Celeste
Quilt In Piece – This is me!
3Patch Crafts

Jan 23

Quilted Fabric Art
Sew Many Yarns

Jan 24

Elm Street Quilts
Resourceful Mama (previously Cloth & Paper Studio)
MooseStash Quilting
Any Pattern
SeaCoast Quilter

Jan 25

Life in the Scrapatch
Bumbleberry Stitches
Elizabeth Coughlin Designs
Seams To Be Sew




Quilting Therapy

Quilting Therapy …

Is the name of my new and first pattern for 2017. It is a very easy paper pieced pattern, perfect for beginners.

The idea came to me one day, as I was commenting to someone about not needing a psychologist, as quilting is my therapy.  It is what I do at the end of every day, after a day at work. Basically every spare minute I have.  What about you, do you find quilting therapeutic? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

Quilting Therapy
Quilting Therapy

(Need to work on my quilting photography)

The pattern has the capsule template, plus the layout instructions for a crib, twin and queen sized bed quilts.  Clicking on the picture above will take you to my Craftsy Shop.

I had a bit of fun here, as I included a bunch of “special” fabric. This therapy quilt, as jelly beans candy, umbrellas for rainy weather, some African birds, flower, apples, yarn etc. You know, things that makes us happy.  Plus some random fabric, that could look like things you will find in capsules.

So there you have it.


There is another project I finished this year, but I cannot show you yet, as it is for a blog hop coming up 20 January. The theme is winter and it is hosted by Marian from Seams to be Sew. Link in the picture.


The 3rd pattern is just about finished. I designed an applique Star Wars pattern. I made the square, just have to finished up the pattern and will then share it here for free. Look out for that in the next couple of days.

Princess Leia


And I sewed up another BB8 block, this one is 20″ in size, a paper pieced pattern.

Clicking on the picture will take you to my Craftsy shop for the free download or you can download BB8 at Fandom in Stitches, there is a whole bunch of other Star Wars patterns there as well.

And that’s me for today. I hope everyone had a super awesome start of the year.

Live Long and Prosper!


Backgammon Reverse Applique Block

Backgammon Reverse Applique Block

The latest pattern from the Play with me Quilt Along.

Alida from Twelogdesign is the designer and quilt along leader for these patterns.

This is my attempt.

The latest pattern from the Play with me Quilt Along

Now, I will be completely honest with you. This was the first time I tried reverse applique …. and I didn’t like it. But after having a chat with Alida, I will try this technique again on a different pattern, I might change my mind.

I chose two bright colors for the triangles behind a plain blue foreground. As an afterthought, i probably should have chosen a more vibrant color.

Each block in this quilt along, teaches you a new technique and a different way to quilt a motive on the pattern.

The quilting bit I haven’t tried yet. I am still deciding to wait to finish all the patterns, or quilt as you go.

These were the previous two patterns I have made so far.

Backgammon Reverse Applique Block Backgammon Reverse Applique Block

All the patterns can be found by clicking on the link below.

Backgammon Reverse Applique Block

Please go an have a look at what Alida has on her blog and hopefully you will join us for this fun quilt along.


Tomorrow I will post my finished quilt for the Ipad quilt along I took part in, all these patterns are still free and there are people joining every day to join in the fun.


Plus some other quilt and sew along catch up photos, from

  • My Favorite things Block of the month
  • X-files Quilt and sew along
  • Sunbonnet Sue and Sam travels the world
  • And some information about the Fantastic Beasts Quilt Along happening in October


Don’t forget that the Minions quilt along is starting soon on Fandom in Stitches.


Have an awesome crafty week.


EQ 25TH Anniversary Celebration for March

EQ 25TH Anniversary Celebration for March

This month is Easter and felt the need to make something special.

In the end I chose the Cross and made it into a bookmark, to satisfy my soul and for the love of reading.

I love bunnies and chocolate, Easter eggs and chocolate, marshmallows and chocolate. Just chocolate, some more chocolate and just in case I forgot to mention it Chocolate. Hahaha.

But the Cross it was going to be, for this month.

EQ 25TH Anniversary Celebration for March
The Cross Bookmark

The pattern size is 3 x 4.5″

The cross is appliqued and then I finished it off with some free motion quilting.

Link to the FREE pattern here. (The link will take you to google drive)

There is also a tutorial for EQ to show how I made this pattern.

The pdf can be downloaded here. (I just could not get the images to import into my post, so turned it into a pdf document for you. The link will take you to google drive)


I am taking part in the EQ 25TH Anniversary Celebration.

You can click on the link below to see what Darlene at Quilt Shop Gal have done for today’s post with links to other bloggers taking part in the event.

bee creative kick off badge


I hope you have a super crafty week.



Nine Mens Morris

Nine Mens Morris

The second block for the Play with me Quilt Along is done, Alida revealed it last week Monday.

Here is mine. I enjoyed making this one, paper piecing is my favorite form of making a quilt blocks. And this one was super easy. Somehow I managed to miss getting the seams lined up, and will be sorting that out for the perfectionist in me.

I have to confess, I have never heard of Nine Mens Morris.

Alida, has kindly added the how to play, and rules for each block, so I will be learning how to play it soon, and she will add how to make the play pieces for the block soon.

Nine Mens Morris

If you want to sew along, click on the logo below to join us. There will be 9 blocks altogether. It never to late to join in the fun.

PlayWithMeLogoBelow is my first block for the quilt along.

Block one

Then lastly don’t forget, the Nuts about blog hop is still going strong. Marian from Seams To Be Sew is giving away a free pattern every day, a super cute Valentines Owl is available today.


And there are the following bloggers showing off their craftyness.

Batts In The Attic
Life In The Scrapatch
Quilting Affection
In The Boon Docks

And don’t forget, my two patterns is still available for free download for the duration of the blog hop, click on the pictures below to download the patterns, it will take you to google drive.

The BB-8 Droid from Star Wars.

droid 2

The Duck Pond Baby Quilt. (without the name)duckies quilt

That’s it for today.

Have a great day and a crafty week.



PS: If you would like to contact me, please fill on the contact form below.

Nuts About My Day

Nuts About My Day –

with a my pattern free for the duration of the blog hop.

stbs-Nuts-About-267x300Today is finally my day to show off what I planned for the Nuts About Blog Hop.  I was so excited about the idea of nuts about, that I went completely nuts about it … LOL.

And I think I really was a bit nuts, as you will see from my project. I had decided to go with applique this time round. And not just some blocks, an entire baby quilt.

First I made the duck pond, which quickly expanded into some more fish at the bottom. Once I finished the top, a lady saw it and paid for it, which is why there is a name at the top.

The picture is entirely in applique, except for the name which is paper pieced.

Why did  I do a giant picture like this, because I wanted to do something nuts, and it was nuts. There were times I felt like swearing while working with all the bigger pieces. And it used up an entire roll of fusing.

This one is 40 x 60 inches finished.

duckies quilt

This pattern to download is 20 x 20 for the duck pond + 20 x 10 for the extra fish.

Pattern. Now in my Craftsy store.

Oh yes, did I mention that I have TWO free patterns for you, the second one is my BB-8 Droid from Star Wars, and yes I am Nuts About Star Wars and Star Trek and …

The pattern is entirely paper pieced. And 10 x 10 inches finished.

droid 2

And this is what it looks like when I turned it into a mug-rug.



(The link will take you the Google Drive page)

More patterns like BB-8 can be found here at Fandom in Stitches as well.

Thank you so much Marian for arranging another great blog hop.

You can find out more about Marian at Seams to be Sew.


Nuts About is being sponsored by two wonderful sponsors.



And the Fat Quarter ShopFatQuarterShopAnd now for our giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please make a turn at all the blogs, who have some awesome patterns to show as well. And remember Marian is releasing a new free pattern every day on her blog as well.

Today we have,

February 4, 2016

Words & Stitches
Moose Stash
Vroomans Quilts
Quilt In Piece – This is me.

And then on the other days.

February 5, 2016

Just Let Me Quilt
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Marjorie’s Busy Corner
Tea Time Creations

February 8, 2016

Batts In The Attic
Life In The Scrapatch
Quilting Affection
In The Boon Docks

February 9, 2016

Quilting Queen Online
Elizabeth Coughlin
Bumbleberry Cottage
All Things Sewn

February 10, 2016

Sew Many Yarns
From This To That
Seams To Be Sew

Have a super awesome day, Vanda

Flower Pot Applique Quilt

Flower Pot Applique Quilt

This lovely quilt was appliqued by my Aunt Anita. When she came for a visit over the holidays, she asked me to help her finish the quilt.

The quilt consisted of appliqued blocks, the sashing, borders, and binding. I used free motion quilting for the quilting method. And a couple of extra flowers were added to the corners to added effect. To make them more puffy, we added an extra layer of batting underneath the flowers, to make them pop more. They were also appliqued on top of the quilt.

I sewed in all the sashing, and borders, free motion quilted the entire quilt and then bound the quilt with a pretty, flowery green fabric.

I really loved how this quilt finished off, so much, that my aunt gave me the templates for the flowers, so maybe … when I have finished ALL my other projects on my to do list for the year, I will tackle this project.

Flower Pot Applique Quilt
Flower Pot Applique Quilt

**This quilt is in memory of my Aunt Stella, who passed away 2014 just before Christmas. She had started this quilt, cut all the patterns out, and had started hand appliqueing some of the blocks, but could not finish it, because of her cancer.

We miss you a lot. **

From Vanda