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2017 New Quilt Bloggers

2017 New Quilt Bloggers

2017 New Quilt Bloggers

Clicking on the button, will take you to Yvonne’s blog at Quilting Jetgirl. Yvonne plus Beth at Cooking Up Quilts and Leanne at She Can Quilt  is hosting the 2017 New Quilt Bloggers event this year.

So what is this event all about?

It is for a group of quilt bloggers who wishes to learn more about blogging, the hosts will help with advice and technical issues. Plus within our groups we will have a critique, where fellow bloggers will give friendly pointers to where you could do something different, improve something or maybe point out something they like or don’t like.

All of this will happen in a friendly environment.

I am looking forward to the critique starting next week, as I really feel my blog needs a bit of tweaking to make it a wonderful, creative place to visit.

Pattern designing is a lot of fun and turning my patterns into something that will be loved by my family and friends is even more fun.

As a result, I haven’t really been paying attention to my blog.  The menu needs re arranging, a new design maybe and my galleries need to improve.

But most importantly, the shop space I have worked on, needs to be finished asap. Yes, I do have my patterns on Craftsy, but I would like my OWN space to really get myself permanently woven into the fabric in the Creative Realm.

A lot of what I have tried to do with my blog is a guessing game for me. Since moving my blog over to a self hosted site. There has been a LOT of technical “things” I have to learn to do from scratch.

Picture me: Sitting with my admin site open, on a second tab, googling what a word means or how to do something on the blog. Yes! Peeps, that is me!

Now that I have the basics done, it is time to make things pretty and easier to find things for my viewers.

The other thing that is a major downfall for me, is me! I am a major introvert, the person who forces themselves to mingle with people, but who is the listener. I am not a talker. My friends always jokes with me about talking too much, NOT.

With my personality, I find it difficult to write a blog post that seems friendly or conversational. Looking back on old posts, I cringe at how short and to the point they are with bullet points.  With … no … personality …

I think I have improved over the last couple of year, it seems to become easier every time you write a blog post.

Then about 2 years ago, I made my first YouTube video, the first one was hilarious. It lasted less than a minute. And I looked like I was scared witless.  The videos is a major stepping stone, so far I have not made any tutorial on video, mostly just quilt and craft show and tell to get myself used to talking on a video.

But that will all change in the future. I will be starting a range of tutorials very soon.

Well, that is all from me today.

In the next month or so, there will be some changes on my blog, so please let me know if something doesn’t work, while I tweak a couple of things. I should also not be offline at all for any reason.

Have a happy crafty week!



Signature Blocks Fantastic Beasts Quilt Along

Signature Blocks Fantastic Beasts Quilt Along.

Signature Blocks Fantastic Beasts Quilt Along

Whenever I take part in a quilt along, the hosts always ask for a Signature Block. It is in no way compulsory, it is for those who would like to send one to the designer.  And to be honest, the quilt along I have been taking part in, the patterns are always free, so it is a big pleasure to send the designer / host a signature block.

So what do the designers to with the signature blocks?

Well, you can turn them into a memory quilt. How awesome!

That’s why, when I ran my very first quilt along last year, (Fantastic Beasts) I decided to do the same thing. I chose a simple paper pieced block. The participants can choose any fabric choices regarding color and pattern and put their name, place where they stay and the Quilt Along name.

And as you can see from my photo above, that is the layout I was thinking of using for my memory quilt.

The blocks have been arriving from all over the world.  I love how it is looking already.

Some of the really awesome participants, even added some really cool extras in their packages, which was a complete surprise.

Here is some close ups of some of the blocks I have received. At the moment, I could get away with a wall hanging or a table topper. And that is OK. I know that there is some more on the way, which is great.

Signature Blocks Fantastic Beasts Quilt Along
In memory of Gail Conner who passed away Mid January 2017.

Signature Blocks Fantastic Beasts Quilt Along Signature Blocks Fantastic Beasts Quilt Along Signature Blocks Fantastic Beasts Quilt Along Signature Blocks Fantastic Beasts Quilt Along Signature Blocks Fantastic Beasts Quilt Along Signature Blocks Fantastic Beasts Quilt Along Signature Blocks Fantastic Beasts Quilt Along Signature Blocks Fantastic Beasts Quilt Along

Signature Blocks Fantastic Beasts Quilt Along

Signature Blocks Fantastic Beasts Quilt Along

I am sure I had more photo’s but these is the ones I have for now. Will add the rest when I find them.

What I was thinking with these signature blocks, would be to continue on with them through to the end of this year, as I will be running my second Fantastic Beasts Quilt Along from September to end December 2017. Anyone taking part in the second quilt along is welcome to send me a signature block then.

Did you miss the first quilt along?

Here is a link to the patterns on Fandom in Stitches

And here on my Fantastic Beasts Page

There is people joining every day.


As mentioned at the 1 photo, Gail Conner, one of my participants sent me a block a couple of week before she passed away after a long illness.

Her family let me know, and it was a blow. I only knew her through the Facebook group, but everyone is always chatting and sharing there, that everyone feels like family.

For any of her family who might be reading this post, my sincere condolences for your loss.


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Hope everyone has a wonderful crafty week, see you next time.


Vanda Chittenden