2017 New Quilt Bloggers Week 1


Hi everyone,

Today is the start of 2017 New Quilt Bloggers Week 1 blog hop. I am part of the Better Bloggers Hive, below is our blog button.

Next week is my turn to talk about my experiences.

But for now there are some brilliant Quilt Bloggers posting today, go and check them out and give them a little love.

To make it even better, there are loads of prizes that is being given away over the 4 weeks of the blog hop. So go and enter to win some fantastic goodies.

Here is a list of awesome bloggers to visit today;

Jess @ Sew Jess Handmade
Rachel @ Making a Beautiful Life
Amanda @ Quiltologie
Abigail @ Cut & Alter
Rose @ something rosemade

Our Blog Hove Mom is Beth (Cooking Up Quilts) the other co-hosts is Yvonne (Quilting Jet Girl) and Leanne (She Can Quilt), go visit the other two hosts as well to find some more new quilt bloggers.



Vanda Chittenden


  • Kathleen Scargle McCormick

    Vanda, just checked to see what was up for your blog… This is the last entry I see in Bloglovin’ Did you publish the post the right way? In blogger you schedule and post (or the reverse) but it is a two-step process. I am trying this again on Friday so when my turn comes up May 1 I am ready…. Hope you find a solution.

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