2017 Year of the UFO

2017 Year of the UFO

It is sad to say, that the second half of 2016 flew by so fast, I hardly had time to post patterns and tutorials.

From September to this past Wednesday I was super busy running a quilt along which was hosted by Fandom in Stitches. I blogged and posted a LOT on FIS and the Facebook page for Fantastic Beasts Quilt Along, and did not have time for my own site. This will be corrected asap. And should not have happened, but I did learn a lot from this Quilt Along, even though I prepared for it for a year, I was still not prepared. AT ALL!

You can find the link to the archive here.

2017 Year of the UFOHere are some pictures from the Quilt Along

The good thing is, I DID learn a lot from this experience and will be running BOM and QAL here a lot now and I have LOADS of ideas, which I really hope you will love and join in.

I have a couple of patterns just about ready to be released, look out for these coming out in the next couple of weeks.

What did I finish off this year? Good question.

  1. Micky Mouse Quilt for Nephew
  2. Minnie Mouse Quilt for Niece
  3. Personalized t shirts for Nephew
  4. Teddy Bear Quilt for expecting mum
  5. The Road home row along table runner
  6. Butterfly embroidered pillow slip for mum
  7. BB8 wall hanging
  8. Star Trek Borg Queen Wall Hanging
  9. Pumpkin Patch Forest Frog Wall Hanging
  10. Duck Pond and Fishies baby quilt
  11. Smart Phone Quilt for mom and dad
  12. Summer Camping Quilt top
  13. Bonsai tree wall hanging
  14. The Final Frontier Table Runner
  15. Seat covers for 4 chairs
  16. curtains
  17. recovered old lounge suite
  18. loads of pillow slips
  19. Duvet covers/bed linen
  20. Multiple patterns
  21. I feel like there was more finished items, but I can’t think of what they were.

WOW, I honestly didn’t think I finished so many projects 2016, not bad at all. If I have to say so myself.

Some pictures of finished quilts

So onto my plans for next year.


First, I have seen a lot of other quilters talk about the UFO lists, and let me tell you I was shocked to find out how long my list is. Filled up with half finished quilt alongs and blocks of the months from other quilters.

So I have the restricted myself to only one Quilt Along or BOM for 2017 from another quilter.  More about that later.

The UFO list has been whittled down to 12, as I am determined to finish at least 1 UFO per month.

Here is the 2017 UFO list I WILL finish.

(with the year it was started)

  1. Star Trek Quilt – blocks finished, complete the quilt top – 2016
  2. My Favorite Things (Jennifer Ofenstein – Sewhooked) – finish up the blocks and the quilt top – 2016
  3. X- Files quilt along ((Jennifer Ofenstein – Fandom in Stitches) – finished blocks and quilt top – 2016
  4. Sunbonnet Sue Block of the month (Marian Pena – Seams to be Sew) – finish blocks and quilt top – 2016
  5. Fantastic Beasts Quilt Along – Mine – finish blocks and quilt top – 2016
  6. Large Hexie Quilt – Aunt gave to me 2016 – started 1986
  7. Eagle Quilt – Designed – make quilt top – 2016
  8. Dragons Quilt – designed – make quilt top – 2016
  9. Fantastic Beasts Quilt Along 2 – Started designing – need to finish designing and make blocks and finish the quilt top by September 2017
  10. Sampler FMQ – Finish practicing all the lessons – learning to fmq – 2016
  11. Jersey – OK this is not a quilt. But I got an unfinished jersey from my late aunt, and it just needs its last cuff on the sleeve to be able to use it. – 2015
  12. Paper pieced house mug rug – Done, just needs binding – 2015

Alright my friends, that was just the short list. I would like to get more done than that, and will attempt more from the lists below if I get time, as I am busy with a bunch of new patterns to be released. Some free, some for sale.

So the FULL list looks like this

Fandom Quilts UFO list

  • Dark Art Project of Doom
  • 2nd Smart Phone Quilt
  • Shopkins Patterns ???? Not sure if I will continue with this
  • Surprise Star Trek Quilt Along planned for 2018
  • One Piece Manga Quilt
  • FQAL Signature block quilt
  • 2017 Vintage quilt from Sewhooked
  • Autumn Panel wall hanging
  • Heart is where the home is applique wall hanging
  • water color trees by the lake wall hanging
  • velvet wood cabin painting panel
  • Quilted Christmas Stocking x 2
  • Quilted Christmas Apron
  • Herb Embroidery Panel
  • Embroidered calico flower pattern
  • Nine patch Table Runner
  • Fabric painted lavender table setting
  • Ribbon Embroidered flower panel
  • B/w Pinwheel / log cabin blocks
  • Fix granny square knitted heirloom
  • Orphan blocks
  • T shirt quilt
  • Denim Quilt
  • Postage stamp quilt
  • Summer Sensations camp quilt
  • Seasons row along
  • Houses quilt
  • Cute whale quilt
  • Orange and white geometric quilt pattern
  • Therapy quilt
  • a fresh snow blog hop
  • Play with me
  • handbag
  • The Sharks quilt
  • The Sharks mug rug
  • Star for Stella
  • Halloween quilt
  • Eye ball quilt
  • Mosaic quilt
  • Craftsy class quilt
  • kitty quilt
  • doggy quilt
  • Quilt Doodle
  • Craftsy bom
  • Hogwarts crests
  • tiny zipper pouches
  • medallion quilt
  • Flower pot quilt
  • 3d steps quilt
  • 365 Sampler
  • Bear quilt
  • Pieced Hexies
  • Perfect pairs
  • Ocean bom

What a list, and it is way to long.

This is why I have named next year, 2017 Year of the UFO

Have a great new Years and will see everyone next year. I am hopefully posting a new pattern this weekend, it depends on how many visitors we have. If not, first week of January 2017.

Live Long and Prosper






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