A Poem for Covid19

This pandemic is not endemic,
It is from abroad, oh, do not laud!

In isolation, there is desperation,
a touch of depression and some obsession.

People hoard, from being bored.
Collecting toilet paper, are they a curator?

As the infected rise, we bulk up in supplies.
As the death toll rise, we await our demise.

We fear it, it is near,
do not fear! God is here!

There is hope, please do not mope.
For all is healing, start believing!

The skies are clearing, blue skies reassuring.
The waters run clean, flowing rivers so serene.

The cry of the eagle, is blissfully peaceful.
What is that noise? Oh silence, let us rejoice!

We do not need to fear, even though it is near.
God is with you, God is with you!

– written by Vanda Chittenden ?


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