a Scatter of Pillows

Pillow talk!

Just recently I was asked to make a scatter of pillows, for a couple of teenage girls.

They specifically wanted some quotes on their pillows, which is all right (at the time). Until I saw how long these quotes were. They took awhile to make, as all the letters were paper pieced. Plus pulling the paper off afterwards was a pain in the backside.

Once that was done though, the rest was easy and quick.

I lightly quilted the front of the pillow, added a back and then stuffed them. The seams were french seamed to make it easier to close the small gap on the side that I had to leave to add the stuffing.

There will be no patters for these pillows unfortunately. As they wanted a one of kind pillow.

Here is the first one.

I unfortunately forgot to take a photo of the pillow, before I sent it off. This was a picture she sent via messenger.

Then the second one is here.

a Scatter of Pillows

With this pillow I tried quilting with invisible thread again. The first time I used invisible thread was a disaster and I didn’t like it at all. Everything was wrong with it.

This time I decided to try it first with straight line quilt, with a walking foot. And it worked perfectly.

Here is the progress photos for the quilting, with some close up photos.

I just found it funny though that, the shiny thread is showing, so technically it is not invisible.

That’s all from me today.

Hope everyone has a super crafty week and weekend. Till next time.



Vanda Chittenden


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