All Prayers Allowed


All Prayers Allowed

Give ear, O Lord, to my prayer; listen to my cry of supplication. —Psalm 86:6

There is so much we may be asking from God: huge things like healing for those sick with the coronavirus, safety for those exposed to it, unity for a country divided, a chance for kids to go back to school, a return to “normal” life.

Then there are the many smaller things we may be praying for: patience with family members in a crowded house, a break in the weather so we can get outside for a bit, a respite during a hectic day, or something different to occupy our time during a day with nothing much to do.

However big or small our “asks” may be, the psalmist today reminds us that we can bring anything and everything before God in prayer. Nothing is off-limits with God.


Speak to God about what you most desire right now, knowing that God is present and attentive to you.

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