Welcome to Month Two of the Barn Quilt BOM from Sherry Shish of Powered by Quilting. In the first month in August we showed off our fabric choices and I think I might have changed my mind several time during that month. My previous post with the fabric choices can be found here. Then for September, the first block of the BOM was release, you can see that post here. I did decide in the end to stick with the green that I didn’t like last month. This month we are making the in between strip that goes between the blocks. Including the center block.Read More →

Welcome to Month One of the Barn Quilt BOM from Sherry Shish of Powered by Quilting. Last month we show off our fabric choices and I think I might have changed my mind several time during the month. My previous post with the fabric choices can be found here. For September, the block of the month is this: The plan is to make 16 of this block this month that will be repeated throughout the quilt a total of 16 times. Not sure that I am happy with my green, I might redo the couple of blocks I have made already, and use the sameRead More →

Well it is not my BOM, I am taking part in a Block of the Month called Barn Quilt BOM, designed by Sherry Shish from Powered By Quilting. You can see her sneak preview of the quilt and Block of the month information here on her website. For the Blog Hop I have decided to make the full quilt and not the minis, as I have a plan to give the quilt a way as a present once it is done. I absolutely love the vibrant colors of this design and cannot wait to start making the blocks. And to start sharing my progress withRead More →

Hi everyone, Some of you may have seen, that there has been flooding in my area. There has been many homes swept away and there has been some landslides. But we are safe. For the people who have lost their home and members of their families and their pets, they have received and overwhelming crowd of support from our community. And through it all, I did have 2 assignments that needed to get done. And so I am sharing a short article I had to write for my 1 assignment. I hope that you enjoy reading it. Hopefully now that the pressure is off, fromRead More →

Updates: Can you believe we are already in the 4th month. What happened to February and March? I thought I better pop in, just to say hi to everyone and give an update on what’s been happening. Studying towards a degree AND working a full-time job, does not work out to well. Especially when you do not let go of a couple of your extra curricular activities. Having to make some serious adjustments to sort that issue out. Because, I will be studying for the next couple of years. Doesn’t matter what happens. Unfortunately, I have had to cut down on sewing and quilting (aRead More →

Hi my friends, Things should start settling down now, that I have gone through the stress of registering to do a degree at my advanced age of 44. I have registered for the Degree in Theology, and have been accepted into the course. Wow, and was there a mountain of paperwork to fill in, and assignments to write, just to be able to prove that I can actually apply for the degree. And finally they sent me my letter saying I can start studying. My books should arrive by next week Friday, I am so excited to start. This is going to be such aRead More →

Hi everyone, After some reflection and contemplation about the past year and where the future is taking me. I have made some decisions about some of my activities. I am expecting some of your leave me after this blog post, and I am OK with that. We are all different people with different views, and I respect that. Sewing Most of you would have started following me, because of Fandom In Stitches and all the Quilt Alongs I designed patterns for. And through the Partners in Design group and my patterns through that group. And a few of you know me through the TTMT vloggingRead More →

Fall Into A Quilt Along Quilt As You Go Layout And finally and far to quickly, we have finished all 12 blocks and will be sewing them altogether to make a quilt. Now I will be showing you how to put these together. But first, there is the really big prize. The sponsors web pages are below; Deadline for Grand prize entry is 11/12/18 at 11:59 PM EST. Grand Prize: An Island Batik 24 piece Fat Eighth Bundle of the “Pumpkin Patch” fabric collection. https://www.islandbatik.com/ Please include this photo in your description One Warm Company Queen Size Batting. https://warmcompany.com/ Exclusive Shabby Fabric quilt pattern “BlessingsRead More →

Fall Into A Quilt Along Block Twelve Today brings a fantastic pattern for block 12 in the Fall Into A QAL. The Owl. Today’s block is designed by me. Here she is. Full instructions is in the pattern that you will download. You can download the pattern here. I have not appliqued the owl pieces yet, as that will be done, when I quilt the block. The Hosts for the Quilt Along Please also visit all the the other hosts and designers, to see how they have made with block one. Each host has their very own unique style. And I loved all of theirRead More →

My Happy Place Row Along The Great Outdoors Hi everyone, Today is finally my day to release my pattern for the My Happy Place Row Along. When Marian Pena from Seams To Be Sew announced this years row along, I had to take part. We all have our happy places, some of us even have more than one. Thanks Marian, for hosting another brilliant Row Along. I for one, have more than one happy place. It was hard to choose but I finally decided on The Great Outdoors. I love a good campfire, overlooking the lake (or damn, as we call it here in SouthRead More →