Celebrate International Craft Month

Celebrate International Craft Month

You can not imagine the excitement I felt, when I was included in the blog hop for International Quilting Month.

Here is the whole list of bloggers taking part in the event. Please go and visit everyone, you never know what you might find.

And don’t forget to leave and comment and enter your name in the Rafflecopter to win a prize. There are19 prizes to be won, the full list is available on Quiltshopgal. Rafflecopter at the bottom of the post.


But what to do?

I wracked my head for weeks until it dawned on me, that I can share my inspiration. The whole reason why I am addicted to quilting, in particular paper piecing or foundation piecing as it is also called.

Did you know, that I only started quilting and paper piecing January 2015. It feels as though I have been quilting forever.

The quilt that got me started was a quilt along that started in January 2015, it was paper pieced and it was magical, to say the least. Never in my whole life, did I think I would be able to make any of the things that was posted.

Here is my finished project from The Project of Doom quilt along, a Harry Potter inspired Quilt.

Celebrate International Craft Month
Project of Doom, a Harry Potter inspired quilt.
Celebrate International Craft Month
Harry Potter inspired quilt, number 2

Jennifer Ofenstein is the mastermind behind these awesome patterns. And best of all, these patterns were shared with us for free.

Jennifer runs a website called Fandom in Stitches, where you can find all of these patterns, plus a lot more.  The website has any genre you can think of to satisfy any fandom, geek or nerd.

What is even more inspirational is a lot of these quilts are donated to the Linus Connection (their mission is to make and deliver handmade security blankets for children in crisis situations in our area. The blankets go to children in hospital emergency rooms, in crisis centers, in foster care, battered women’s shelters, to any child who is in need of a little extra security in their lives.) You can also find Jennifer on her own website Sewhooked.

This has also inspired me to work on my own quilt along, which is why I didn’t have time to make anything new for this hop.

I can’t show anything to do why my qal yet, but here is a blog button.

Celebrate International Craft Month

Now for the rafflecopter

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See everyone soon and enjoy the blog hop.



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  1. I’ll look forward to seeing your QAL in October. You look like you’ve found “your thing” with the paper piecing. Isn’t it fun when we hit on it?
    Thanks for sharing all the lovely pieced blocks. Love HP!

    1. Author

      Thank you Julie, I love it.

  2. Love the Harry Potter theme!

  3. Lovely post and indeed very inspirational. Will have to have a look at the website. Fantastic job with your quilt. Love it

    1. Author

      Thank you Karin, ?

  4. I love shelf quilts and the castle is AWESOME.

    1. Author

      Thank you Carol, I really enjoyed making this quilt.

  5. great harry potter quilt!

    1. Author

      Thanks so much Patty.

  6. You started paper piecing with Project of Doom??? Just jump right in, don’t you! I had not seen that pattern before, it is great, and for a great cause, thanks for sharing.

  7. Your quilt is wonderful, I’ve had this on my bucket list since it began, your’s is inspiring.

  8. Oh my goodness. What a wonderful quilt. Thanks for sharing

  9. You really jumped in with both feet. Good luck with your Quilt a Long.

  10. Wow! i am really impressed. You did a wonderful job. Honestly, I have never tried paper-piecing. It kinda scares me. Thank you for sharing your beautiful quilt.

  11. Gorgeous projects all of them.

  12. I started 2 Harry Potter POD quilts, back in 2013, but, stopped, and have never gotten started on them again. I know I’ll hear about your QAL again, since I’ve followed both of Jennifer’s blogs for years now.

  13. Wonderful post. I absolutely love your Harry Potter quilt. Totally blown away that you just started quilting in January 2015. I think you are a natural. Thank you for sharing and helping with our kick off to Celebrate International Craft Month. I couldn’t do this without your help.


  14. Wow, great quilt. I have not tried paper piecing yet, but I hear it’s a lot of fun.

  15. I found it! I feel so silly, Vanda. I was looking all over the bottom for comments and it was at the top! I love the Harry Potter quilt, thanks for sharing it.

  16. I love paper piecing..have two projects on the go right now.

  17. Thanks for showing us your wonderful quilt.

  18. Awesome quilt! Paper piecing is on my “must learn” list- so many fun patterns out there!

  19. I have printed out quite a few of the Fandom patterns and hope to use them one day. I am also looking forward to your Beasts quilt along. October is so far away, both for Halloween and your quilt along. 🙂

  20. your shelf quilts are amazing, it’s hard to believe you are a newbie.

  21. I have the Harry Potter patterns and that is quilt is on my to do list. Yours is stunning. Love it.

  22. quite a body of work!!
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color
    leeannaquilts at gmail dot com

  23. Nice Harry Potter quilt.

  24. While I am not a Harry Potter fan, you did a nice job on your quilt.

  25. wow your quilts are wonderful


  27. I love paper piecing too! Your blocks are wonderful, I think my favorite is the owl on the stack of books.

  28. I have never read Harry Potter

  29. My niece would love this, she is mad about Harry Potter x

  30. Love those Harry Potter blocks. Am always looking for book themed projects for my son who loves loves books. Love to quilt along.

  31. I’m in shock, serious shock.. I had no idea you were so new to quilting and especially paper piecing. WoW Vanda.. Amazing and the quilts are positively wonderful. Fantastic.

  32. Beautiful Quilt. I enjoy paper piecing but I don’t think I would attempt a project that large.

  33. Awesome Harry Potter quilt – so much work!

  34. Your quilt is meticulously done thank you for sharing.

  35. I’ve never done paper piecing. It’s pretty amazing!

  36. What a fun quilt. I might have to quilt along.

  37. I love paper piecing and Harry Potter! Thank you for sharing!

  38. Love your paper piece owls ~

  39. Great inspiration and Jennifer’s patterns are wonderful.

  40. Hmm. Don’t know if that posted or not, it got hung up. I do like your Harry Potter castle/bookcase quilt. Great job on that. I look forward to seeing more about your own QAL and have taken the button to put a notice on QuiltBOM.

  41. Your paper piecing is marvelous. And you have only been doing it a short time?!?! I am in awe since I fight it every time.

  42. Wow. So many tiny pieces. I haven’t started paper piecing…yet.

  43. I’m a big Harry Potter fan, so I love your post! Thanks for sharing!

  44. I remember when that QAL came out, but, such complicated blocks! Would take me longer than a year to sew!

  45. Wow, I’m so glad you posted close-ups of the various parts of the quilt. It’s amazing!

  46. beautiful paperpiecing

  47. This Harry Potter quilt must have taken you hours to make. You did a splendid quilt . Thank you for a chance to win . Happy Quilting 🙂

  48. Your quilt is wonderful. Should be in a library somewhere.

  49. I have never tried paper piecing yet, but, your Harry Potter block is calling to me.

  50. Luv your color combinations, what fun you are having.
    Would be sew much fun to become lucky winner.
    thank sew for sharing all your energies

  51. Your Harry Potter quilt is fabulous! Paper Piecing is a fantastic part of quilting and how fun to do a whole quilt.

  52. Wow – all of your projects are awesome! You are very talented. Thanks!

  53. Great job on the Harry theme!

  54. Fun! My son and I are Harry Potter fans. I may need to make him a sorting hat mini quilt.

  55. Lots of fun blocks–very creative!

  56. I love your paper pieced quilt. Thanks for sharing

  57. Wow! I can’t believe you’ve only been paper-piecing for a year! Amazing! Thanks for participating in the blog-hop!

  58. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us, and thank you for this wonderful giveaway! Thanks and God bless! ILuvTheEucharist (at) aol.com

  59. Very interesting. Will be watching for your QAL.

  60. I can’t wait for your qal! It just might be my first paper piece quilt. vickise at gmail dot com

  61. I love harry Potter and I love your quilt. Great paper piecing. lauraluvsloonsatymaildotcom

  62. I love your Harry Potter quilt – bookcase quilts are awesome. I really would love to learn how to paper piece – this year’s resolution.
    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  63. I cannot get over that you have only been quilting for 1 year and you started with paper piecing??? WOW!

  64. You definitely have a creative soul! I have just started paper-piecing last week and am hooked already. What a fun technique!

  65. I love paper-piecing! You can do sew much with it and get fantastic results! Go fandom! I think my love of reading wars with my love of quilting sometimes!

  66. Not as much a fan of paper piecing as I would like to be. It’s high on my bucket list though and I love the very cool things that are made. Thanks.

  67. The only paper piecing I’ve done is pointy blocks. But I love Harry Potter and may have to give this a try. Thanks!

  68. Your Harry Potter quilt is great! And thanks for link to the interesting patterns.

  69. Your quilts are totally non-traditional. I love it.

  70. Love the owl blocks!

  71. A Harry Potter inspired quilt – how fun was that?! Looks great!

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