Changing for the Good


Changing for the Good

Cease to do evil, learn to do good. —Isaiah 1:16-17

As much as the coronavirus has caused tremendous disruptions to our lives, it has also given us the chance to take stock of how we live, as individuals and as a society. Last spring, coal plants shuttered, airlines grounded their planes, and millions of cars stayed parked. Almost immediately air and water pollution levels dropped dramatically across the globe. Health experts believe that the reduction of smog in China alone saved more lives than the virus caused deaths there. It may be easy to overlook or rationalize the damage that modern life is inflicting on our planet. Coal is a cheap energy source, some people need to fly to New York for business, and often driving to work is quicker than public transportation. The fact is, those rationalizations allow us to “do evil” to the earth. When the coronavirus forced us to reconsider how we do things, we learned to do good in ways we might never have otherwise.


In what other ways has the pandemic led to changes that are good for us individually, as a society, or the earth?

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