Fall Into A Quilt Along Quilt As You Go Layout

Fall Into A Quilt Along Quilt As You Go Layout

And finally and far to quickly, we have finished all 12 blocks and will be sewing them altogether to make a quilt.

Now I will be showing you how to put these together.

But first, there is the really big prize.

The sponsors web pages are below;

Deadline for Grand prize entry is 11/12/18 at 11:59 PM EST.

Grand Prize:

An Island Batik 24 piece Fat Eighth Bundle of the “Pumpkin Patch” fabric collection.


Please include this photo in your description One Warm Company Queen Size Batting.


Exclusive Shabby Fabric quilt pattern “Blessings of Spring” designed by Jennifer Bosworth. The pattern set includes patterns for all 9 blocks to finish to 56″ x 62″.


An Omnigrid Zipper Pouch containing an Omnigrid 4” square ruler and a pair of 4-Inch Needlecraft Scissors.

*Onmigrid is a Dritz company*


A six month subscription to the e-magazine Make Modern.


Putting the quilt together.

My finished quilt for the Fall Into a Quilt Along is here.

(the pictures below is from last years quilt along, but I used all the exact same measurements)

You will need the following;

(8) 1 inch x 12.5 inch strips (back)

(8) 2 inch x 12.5 inch strips (front) (pressed in half)

(3) 1 inch x 36.5 inch strips (back)

(3) 2 inch x 36.5 inch strips (front) (pressed in half)

Your choice of binding.

My layout, has 3 blocks in a row, and 4 rows to make up the final quilt.

Step 1

Take (1) 2 x 12 inch strip and line it up on the front of a block.

Add (1) 1 x 12 inch strip to the back of the block.

Make sure they are line up nicely. You will have the top strip, the quilted block and the bottom strip all lined up. Now, sew a seam a 1/4 inch from the edge.

Step 2

Turn over your block. See the strip?

Press the back strip towards the seam. This will make it easier to sew the next block to it.

Step 3

Take the next block in the row, place it with the backside facing up, and the backside of the first block facing down. So they need to be back to back.

Place the back strip (from the first block) along the edge of the second block.

Make sure that they edges line up nicely.

And sew a 1/4 from the edge.

Step 4

Flip the second block over to also face up. Check how perfectly the edge fit snugly together. This will not create a ridge in the finished quilt, as there is no overlapping.

Press the top strip over to the second block. The top strip cover the seam allowance easily.

You can now, either hand sew this strip down, the same as binding, or you can machine sew a straight line down the edge. To make it look more even, you can repeat the line on both sides of the strip. Plus if you use a matching thread with the back, you will not notice the extra line on the back.

Step 5

Repeat, all the steps above, to finish the rest of the rows. And exactly the same way, to attach all the rows.

The finished quilt. Trimmed and squared.

The binding.

I cut my binding strips at 2 1/2 inch wide and pressed in half. Use any technique you prefer to bind your quilt. I like to machine bind my quilts, as most are for my family and they don’t mind.

Candy stripe binding.

A closeup of the biding and the corners.

The Hosts for the Quilt Along

Please go and have a look at all the hosts posts today. Each of the host will be making all the blocks throughout the Quilt Along and will be providing tips and hints to help you along they way. Plus they will help answer any questions you may have. And it will be awesome to see all the different fabric that is being used by every host, to help you make a decision for your own.

Sandy Maxfield http://sandystardesigns.com/

Abbie Danahy – sparkilyblog.wordpress.com

April Adams –https://www.jandabendquilts.com/blog

Bobbi Bridgeman – snowydaysquilting.com/blog

Jennifer Fulton – http://www.inquiringquilter.com/

Karen Thurn – https://tunaquilts.wordpress.com/

Sherry Shish – poweredbyquilting.com

Vanda Chittenden – https://chittenden.co.za/



Happy sewing!



  • Lisa Williams

    Thank you to everyone for the great quilt along. I have really enjoyed it and the end result is beautiful.
    Lisa in Alabama, USA
    Heart of Dixie

  • Tu-Na Quilts

    I was wondering how you would connect the blocks so they wouldn’t be bulky in the seams. I’d forgotten that you had done that last year…Wow, I have a short memory. Your quilt looks great. How could one add borders using your method?

  • Betty B. Roach

    Hello Vanda I was totally forgot to download my last block Owl last fall so busy with all the holiday events. Can u send me ur owl block please? So I can fill in with my other11 blocks plus ur owl. Thank Betty Roach

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