Flower Pot Applique Quilt

Flower Pot Applique Quilt

This lovely quilt was appliqued by my Aunt Anita. When she came for a visit over the holidays, she asked me to help her finish the quilt.

The quilt consisted of appliqued blocks, the sashing, borders, and binding. I used free motion quilting for the quilting method. And a couple of extra flowers were added to the corners to added effect. To make them more puffy, we added an extra layer of batting underneath the flowers, to make them pop more. They were also appliqued on top of the quilt.

I sewed in all the sashing, and borders, free motion quilted the entire quilt and then bound the quilt with a pretty, flowery green fabric.

I really loved how this quilt finished off, so much, that my aunt gave me the templates for the flowers, so maybe … when I have finished ALL my other projects on my to do list for the year, I will tackle this project.

Flower Pot Applique Quilt
Flower Pot Applique Quilt

**This quilt is in memory of my Aunt Stella, who passed away 2014 just before Christmas. She had started this quilt, cut all the patterns out, and had started hand appliqueing some of the blocks, but could not finish it, because of her cancer.

We miss you a lot. **

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