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Today I have the great pleasure of taking part in another awesome blog hop with Marian Pena from Seams to be Sew. Thank you so much for organizing this event for us, you are a star.

The theme for this blog hop is Winter. We could make anything that is associated with winter, a thing or an event or a holiday.

We also needed to use something that is not cotton in our projects.

Since I live in the Southern Hemisphere, our winter fall over Easter! Easter reminds me of bunnies, chocolates and eggs.

In the end I decided on bunnies.

Bunny Ears to be exact.

Craftsy pattern download here.

I decided on applique for this project, the block is 10 x 10 inch excluding seam allowance. The green background is cotton for stability, the outer bunny ears a soft fluffy pink fleece, the inner bunny ears is a light brown velvet and had some in my stash.

The technique I used is raw edge applique, as I was not going to fiddle with turn under applique with that fleece.

And machine stitched a tight small zigzag stitch to secure it to the background.

Originally I was going to turn this block into a small bag, but it screamed to be turned into a pillow.

So instead of quilting the block, I just sewed another 10 x 10 inch of the same green cotton fabric to the back of the pillow, and stuffed it with leftover off cuts of batting used for other projects.

I hand stitched the opening closed, then for extra stability, I machine stitched a 1/4 inch along the edge of the pillow. So it looks sort of like a french seam.

The photo above is the only picture I have of the entire project, as my son took the pillow (without my knowledge) and promptly sold it (hey, no problem with that) within 5 minutes after I finished it.  Plus with several more orders for the same pillow, so that was a success. (whoop!)

But did have a chat with to wait until I have taken all my photos before selling my stuff. Hey I might even employ him as a sales manager. LOL.


Now for the Giveaways!

Marian Pena is giving away kits on her blog throughout this blog hop so make sure you visit her every day to enter and win this giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Or click on the link below to go to her blog.


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  1. Adorable pillow! And your son is a real asset as a sales manager, and in other ways too, I’m sure lol.

  2. Hey, I’d like your son to come on over to my place to… 🙂 and what fun, bunny ears… hopping along, so quiet and demure those bunnies are, and yet they screamed.. did you record it? I wanna hear a bunny scream.. 🙂 hehehe … cute idea and so much fun in fleece, perfect fabric for that.

  3. What a cute pillow. I agree raw edge was the best way to sew the ears down. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  4. Oh! How cute! I love the bunny ears!
    I think your son is very smart and a great asset to a new adventure for you. He makes a wonderful sales person.

  5. What a cute pillow and wow, is your son the salesman!! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Your pillow is oh so sweet! Thanks for sharing your clever idea as well as the pattern.

  7. Thank You for the pattern.

  8. Giggle, oh my, your pillow is so adorable. I must make one of these. Thank you so much for the pattern.

  9. Oh my gosh…that is just adorable. What a fun idea. Thanks for the pattern too!

  10. Cute bunny ears. Makes it seem like there must be the rest of the bunny on the other side.

  11. I am a bunny lover–and yes I can see where these ears would of been shouting–pillow–
    enjoy the moment, di

  12. So very cuddly cute! I like the idea of a bag. I’m thinking a bunny ear bag is going on my to-do list for my little girl for Easter. Thanks for the great pattern!

  13. The fluffy fleece is perfect for bunny ears. Thanks for the pattern.

  14. Perfect bunny ears! thanks for sharing

    1. I’m also Sally via google!

  15. Thank you for the bunny ears.

  16. Beautiful bunny ears Thanks so much for sharing

  17. I love it–like the rest of him is down the rabbit hole! Thanks for the pattern!

  18. Love your bunny ears-what a great idea with the fleece! Thank you, Susan

  19. I love the Bunny Ears. Adorable

  20. OMG! How adorable. Thanks for sharing your project.

  21. Thank you for the adorable bunny ear pattern.

  22. Cute bunny ears and you are building an entrepreneur as well. thank you

  23. I love your bunny pillow!

  24. Love the bunny ears!

  25. This will be cute for Easter, also.

  26. Adorable and clever and so inspiring. Thank you for the pattern. This would make a cute pair with my bunny butt pillow!

  27. Omg! This is precious!! I love it. Thanknyou for the linkmtonthe free pattern & instructions.

  28. Those bunny ears make wish I had a chocolate bunny right now! Cute project!

  29. These bunny ears would make a great spring pillow.

  30. cute ears! So many possibilities!

  31. adorable bunny ears.

  32. OMGosh, this pattern is too cute!. Thanks for the pattern, blogging and being a stop on the hop.

  33. Thanks for the cute bunny ears pattern. Your pillow has great textures!

  34. Cute bunny ears. they’re even white like snow!

  35. Omg those are totally adorable

  36. Love your Bunny Ears, sew cute!

  37. Fluffy bunny ears! What a great idea and cute project. Thank you for sharing … 🙂 Pat

  38. Fluffy and cozy. Just what we need for snow!
    My sons love what I make for them, too.

  39. Oh My Gosh! Even more cute than anything I’ve seen all day! Thanks for sharing! quiltlovefordomesticfelicity(at)gmail(dot(com)

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