Google Drive, Smartphone Quilt Along

Google Drive, Smartphone Quilt Along.

So after a bit of sulking because of bad health, I restarted my blocks for the Smartphone Quilt Along.
This is a really fun quilt to make, anyone would love one for a present, from teenagers to granny and grandpa.

It has been a busy coupe of weeks, trying to get the project finished for the Halloween Haunts finished, plus I am busy with several project (secret ones). One surprise Christmas present for my son, and the massive, huge, awesome secret project that I now have a date for. The “big” secret project will be a quilt along, starting November next year, the quilt along will run for about 4 months, and you will have multiple choices of blocks and layouts to choose from.

I know it is a long time to wait, but it is AWESOME! a zillion times over. It is going to be worth the wait.

Here is what I finished last night for the Smartphone Quilt Along.

Smartphone Quilt Along
Google drive

And all the others so far.

All these patterns and more can be found for free at Fandom in Stitches here.

18842507521_97f0a35ebbAs soon on Fandom in Stitches2

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Something else to look forward to is the Christmas is in my heart blog hop in November.

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stbs-2015-christmas-300x225And a little about me, I am a pattern designer. If you would like a special pattern designed, let me know, via comments or email me.

fis designer





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