Harvest Basket Quilt As You Go

Harvest Basket Quilt As You Go

And! I am so behind in showing the quilt as you go with all the Fall Into A Quilt Along block.

This is the second block that was released, the Harvest Basket. I decided to try doing a bit of quilting on the block to make it look a little bit like basket weave.

Now, I failed all of you on this one, as I did not take enough or decent photos during the process. But took some close ups, I after I was finished.

This is the basket handle and the background.

And the body of the basket.

That is unfortunately all I have for this block. For more in formation on how to prepare and sandwich your blocks, see my previous post herehttps://chittenden.co.za/hedgehog-quilt-as-you-go/

I will be back in a couple of days with a proper tutorial on how to quilt as you the next block.

Someone asked about sashing for my quilt. This quilt will not have sashing as such. Only the strips attaching the blocks together. You can see what I am talking about here, with last year quilt as you go project.  https://chittenden.co.za/i-wish-you-a-merry-quilt-along-quilt-as-you-go-layout/

Happy sewing!


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