Hedgehog Quilt As You Go

Hedgehog Quilt As You Go.

Remember I did not applique stitch the shapes down, as I wanted to stitch them down after I made my quilt sandwich.

Start with making sure your shapes are heat pressed down properly.

Then make a quilt sandwich, making sure that you batting and your backing is slightly bigger than your block.

Baste your sandwich in any method you like.

The back

Then once you picked your design to quilt, draw it onto your block with an erasable pen. I decie

Applique stitch around each shape, either by hand or with your machine.

Look, a hedgehog shape on the back!

Straight line stitch the grass at the bottom.

Then free motion stitch swirly shapes for the wind around the hedgehog.

I added an additional squiggly line in the body of the hedgehog to make it look more spiky.

Happy sewing.




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