Holy Week Monday

The echo of cheers still hangs in the air, a fading memory from yesterday’s celebration. Palm fronds, once vibrant symbols of hope, now lie scattered on the dusty ground, their green already tinged with brown. We walk beside Jesus, a heavy silence pressing down where excitement crackled just a day ago.

The joy of Palm Sunday feels like a dream – a beautiful, fleeting dream that leaves you a little lost when you wake up. The bright Jerusalem sunshine that cast hope on the city walls seems to mock us now. We can still almost hear the cheers of the crowd, but they sound hollow, a stark reminder of how quickly things can change.

We see the flicker of fear in their eyes, a fear that writhes beneath the surface of their earlier adulation. Maybe it’s the same fear we feel, a knot of unease tightening in our guts. Jesus’ teachings, once comforting stories, took on a sharper edge yesterday, his pronouncements like thunder rolling across the parched earth.

A question hangs heavy in the air: where do we stand? Yesterday, we waved palms and shouted hosannas. Today, a cold reality settles in. Are we ready to follow Jesus wherever this path leads, even if it leads to darkness?


Almighty God, as the excitement of Palm Sunday fades, help us to face the uncertainties that lie ahead. Grant us the courage to confront our fears and the strength to stay true to our faith. May we follow Jesus’ example of unwavering love and commitment, even when the path seems difficult. Guide us through this Holy Week with open hearts and minds, ready to receive your wisdom and grace. Amen.

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