I want to believe X Files Quilt

I want to believe X Files Quilt

Geek alert! As you know by now, I am love my Geek, Fandom and Nerdy stuff. So when this gorgeous Quilt and Stitch Along started last year, I just could not resist, it is called the I want to believe X Files Quilt.

And I love this quilt so much.

I just finished the quilt top and will be hanging out with my other UFO’s will be quilted later. UFO! Whahaha, how ironic.

Oh Yes! You want to see what it looks like.

Here is my quilt top

I want to believe X Files Quilt

And some close up photos of the blocks.

In this quilt, there is 3 paper pieced blocks and many embroidered blocks.

You can find all the patterns FREE at Fandom in Stitches.

The designer is a fellow quilter and friend, Jennifer Ofenstein. Her own personal blog is Sewhooked. Go and check out some other amazing patterns available at either Fandom in Stitches and Sewhooked.

So, with this quilt top, I have completed 3 UFO for the year so far, so I am on track with my list. Now for no. 4

What’s cooking?

There are several BIG things coming up this year.

  1. Fantastic Beasts Quilt Along 2 starting in September this year.
  2. “MY Favorite” Fandom quilt along next year (I am working on the patterns this year)
  3. 2017 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop now in April, date will be announced.
  4. LOADS of new patterns.

Till next time. Have a happy sewing week.


Vanda Chittenden




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