Latest Star Trek Patterns

The latest Star Trek patterns has now been uploaded to the Star Trek pattern download page, here.

There are some new ones and some corrected ones on the page, and the newest most exciting patterns set for me, is the Vulcan Insignia, now all complete. I just love how those ones finished off.

latest Star Trek patterns
Chekov, Star Trek
latest Star Trek patterns
Borg Insignia
latest Star Trek patterns
Romulan War Ship
latest Star Trek patterns
Romulan Honor Blade

Tomorrow I am releasing my complete Vulcan Script (Alphabet) set for the Star Trek Series. It has been revealed on Fandom in Stitches already, here.

Look out for the download on the Star Trek page tomorrow for the Vulcan Script set.


It had been quiet on the blog writing front, as I have been so busy getting the Vulcan Script patterns designed and tested. Plus I am on the last stretch of planning and finalizing for the Fantastic Beasts Quilt Along coming up in October 2016. Fabric requirements will be posted in the next couple of week. So keep a lookout for that.

In between all of that, we had some severe flooding here, and tornadoes, we personally did not have to much damage to our house, just “rained” a bit inside two off the bedrooms, and there was some major cleanup to do after that. There were quite a few families in our community that had lost their home completely.

Now that all off the personal distasters have been sorted out and I am on track with all the quilting events planning. There will be more regular post on new pattern being released. Star Trek patterns are still very much on the go and I will continue pumping those out, as much as I can in between other projects.

Till next time.

LLAP – “dif-tor heh smugma”

Vanda Chittenden


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