Little sewing machine house

Little sewing machine house

In one of the quilting groups Lapkoors, that I am a member of, I offered to design a house in the shape of a sewing machine, for the little house quilt along.

There has been a mish mash of styles, from applique to paper piecing, to normal piecing.

And every quilter, has added their own personal touch to each block.

All the blocks is 6″ excluding seam allowances.

This is what I designed.

Little sewing machine house
Little sewing machine house

You will notice that the stitching is not quite finished yet, still need to embroider some button holes in the buttons. The buttons is the colored circles.

If you like the pattern, you can download it from here. This will take you to another page.


Going off topic here now, I have finished designing the Tribble from Star Trek the Original Series and a block for the  Deep Space Nine series, that was on request.

Hopefully in the next day or two I will have that pattern available for download, for free of course.


(Warning! Stop reading here if you don’t want to read the sad bit.)

On a personal note…

After doing some work last night until about 11pm, I went to bed and then awoke at 1am. I heard a commotion going on with my 15 year old puppy dog.

I ran outside, to find that he was having violent seizures, so bad he was bashing himself on the wall and tiles, getting hurt.

After sitting with him for hours, trying to stop him convulsing. He lost control of his bodily functions. But the seizures did eventually stop. Just to be followed by the dog going round and round in circles.

Needless to say, I was devastated. I knew whatever happened to him has damaged part of his brain. And I knew that the only humane thing to do is to have him euthanized.

The vet opened at 8am, and confirmed that my fur-baby had a stroke, which caused the seizures, and he sustained brain damage from the stroke, so bad, that he could not function anymore.

So it was with heart-wrenching sadness that I had to say goodbye to him this morning, I stayed with him till the end, then wrapped him in the sheet I took with for that.

I am going to miss him so much. He has been a member of the family for 11 years.

Now I need to try and get over my grieve, so that I can support my son, who has taken his death very, very badly.

Greetings Vanda


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