LIVING FAITH! And the great flood!

Hi everyone,

Some of you may have seen, that there has been flooding in my area. There has been many homes swept away and there has been some landslides. But we are safe. For the people who have lost their home and members of their families and their pets, they have received and overwhelming crowd of support from our community.

And through it all, I did have 2 assignments that needed to get done. And so I am sharing a short article I had to write for my 1 assignment. I hope that you enjoy reading it. Hopefully now that the pressure is off, from finishing those 2 assignments, I might get some sewing done.

First an insert from my Rector, to introduce my article.

Greetings in Christ

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who suffered loss during the recent floods. St Mary’s was spared damage, due to the contingency measures which we have put in place and Good Shepherd due to Vanda’s (St Mary’s Warden) presence on Tuesday, to stem the tidal wave of water making a second attempt to enter the Good Shepherd via the parking lot. At the Passover meal we had learned how to part the “red sea” using the same technique and we will be redoing the drainage system around the church in due course. But parting the waters and crossing on dry land is not the only thing Vanda has been doing and I present to you here an article which she was required to publish in the Parish for her theology assignment.

Be assured of my prayers.


My article is below..

“Jesus was concerned about the social, physical and material details of life.” And so should we. Our faith needs to be part of our everyday life.

We do not exist of two separate parts. We are not just a body who takes part in the secular world, Monday to Saturday, doing what we wish with no consequences. And our spirituality is not just for Sundays. Everything we do, every day, should show our faith to the world.

Jesus is our perfect example of how we should live our faith into our everyday life, Monday to Sunday. Just read any of the Gospels, and you will see for yourself, how Jesus changed the way we deal with our daily lives. He is showing and teaching us what to do, within every word from God.

Unfortunately, the sad reality is, is that we have grown and developed a way of life, where our faith has been separated out of our daily lives.

Our Spirituality and faith must be allowed to “permeate through the whole of life, if we are to be responsible witnesses to Jesus Christ and his Kingdom.” God sent down the Holy Spirit to dwell within us, to guide us through each day. He has given us the scriptures, which teaches us how we should live. Jesus was our living example.

The way we respond to people and situations should be a witness of our faith. Every action we take, every word we speak, should show how we honour and glorify our Triune God.

Become missional in your spirituality. Let us continue the good works of Jesus’ Great Commission. Don’t just be a good Christian on Sundays, carry your faith over into your everyday life, be a good witness to God.

May God be with you every step of your way, on this journey to continue God’s mission.

Your sister in Christ.

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