New beginnings!

Hi my friends,

Things should start settling down now, that I have gone through the stress of registering to do a degree at my advanced age of 44. I have registered for the Degree in Theology, and have been accepted into the course.

Wow, and was there a mountain of paperwork to fill in, and assignments to write, just to be able to prove that I can actually apply for the degree.

And finally they sent me my letter saying I can start studying. My books should arrive by next week Friday, I am so excited to start. This is going to be such a wonderful journey of discovery and growth.

Not sure how I am going to fit in all the studying, while working a 8-5 job. But will make it work.

At the same time, my Priest has applied for me to go through a discernment process for the Bishop to see if I can apply to become a Priest. When I looked up what to expect, it seemed such a complicated and drawn out process, but they do all these things for a reason. There is all to often, when the “wrong” typed of person is ordained, and then causes havoc for the clergy.

I am not to worried about this process, because if God is willing and calling me to go into this ministry, then is shall be so.

In sewing news!

I am halfway through knitting a scarf. And have dug out a gigantic heap of quilt tops, that I want to try and quilt this year to give away. There is also several hand embroidery projects that is not finished yet, and one hexie quilt, that needs to get finished. I am really hoping to get crafty this year.

Will make a video soon, to share what I am up to.

The Star Trek Along has started up at the Fandom in Stitches website. And you can also follow along in the Facebook pages StarTrekAlong  and Fandom In Stitches.

Happy Sewing!

I look forward to seeing what you have been up to.



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