Newsflash Exclusive for Subscribers

Newsflash Exclusive for Subscribers

Hullo everybody,


In planning for next year and looking over my website, I realized that the newsletters were looking a little sloppy.

I have combined all the newsletters into 1 mailing list, called Quilt In Piece Newsletter, this will still bring you all new updates happening on the blog, for announcement on Quilt Alongs, new blog posts, new pages etc. And will go out once a week as normal.

And then I created a brand new newsletter called New Pattern Releases!

This newsletter, will only be sent out when I release a new pattern, and will include a direct link to the pattern and special subscriber only discount code.

As my loyal subscribers, I wanted to reward you for following my progress in the past couple of years, this code will be specific to each pattern released. So don’t miss reading all the newsletters!

To everyone already on my mailing list, I have added you on already, but please feel free to unsubscribe from this list, if you do not want to receive this one. Or message me and I will take you off.

New subscribers!

If you are new, please hop on over to the right hand side of the blog and sign up for 1 or both of the newsletters, to get the latest news and announcements.

The Shop

The other big change coming, is the shop I am setting up right here. It is nearly finished. And am hoping to publish the shop by the end of the year. So look out for that.

The reason why I am opening a shop right here, is to be able to give you a discount. I cannot do this on Craftsy yet.


This is a biggy.

I am looking for testers for my patterns going up for sale. I did a shout out in my Facebook Group earlier this year, but due to family issues, this has fizzled out.

Major changes are coming with this, with a big bunch of new patterns to be released in 2018.

Look out for a future blog post with an invite for anyone interested in testing for me, with more information.


That is all for now.

Happy Sewing



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