The Road Home To Maine with Cheryl…

road-home-row-alongThis is my first Row Along and it has been so much fun designing what I saw in my head.  I grew up in southern Maine with the ocean on one side of us and a mountain (my husband calls it a hill, lol) on the other side.  I love walking through the woods as much as spending time gazing out across the ocean.  Our lobsters and famous Nubble Lighthouse attracts people from all over. I hope you enjoy this rendition of our state.


Cheryl’s Row is 12×40 and completely paper pieced.

These are some of the sections of the row.

When finished…

qip-stbs-clp-cherylDownload Row

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  1. Beautiful row, thank you@

  2. So much detail! Great row.

  3. Cheryl, your Maine row is awesome and a great representation of my favorite place to vacation! Living in Mass. I visit Maine often, and will continue to do so I’m sure.

  4. Beautiful block thank you for sharing

  5. Very nice you got Maine lol …Should of put a moose in the beach chair…hahaha with a moxie root beer….I’m from up country Parkman maine…

  6. Beautiful row – you’ve captured Maine perfectly!

  7. I love your row with the colorful sailboat and the lighthouse. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Nicely done. Thank you.

  9. Pretty row.

  10. Hi neighbor, I’m in Portsmouth so not far away. You captured the essence of our area with your Thanks!

  11. Cheryl, this is a fabulous design! Love all the details and seems to really depict your lovely road home. Well done on the pattern, to both you and Marian. Love all the little paper-piecing tips. Thank you!

    1. Oh, and thank you, Vanda, for hosting Cheryl’s block! The both of you are masters at the paper-piecing craft!

  12. Great reflection of Maine. Thank you for the row!

  13. A great block. I have always wanted to visit Maine. I liked your use of the slideshow in your blog.

  14. Would love to visit Maine. This has been a fun blog hop.

  15. A truly amazing row! I just love the lighthouse, particularly. Thank you for sharing your talent!

  16. I love Maine and your row depicts it well.

  17. Very nice! I love lighthouses! One can not have a row about Maine without the lobster!! You do have good ones there and I usually eat several every trip!

  18. this is lovely. I really like that it is PP

  19. Love the lighthouse and the sand castle. Thanks for sharing!

  20. My sister lives in Maine and this will be perfect for a gift to her. Thank you. crystalbluern at tds dot net

  21. Love your Maine row!

  22. Love your row! Maine has wonderful memories for me. Hubby and I went there on our honeymoon almost 45 years ago. Would like to repeat the visit sometime.

  23. Great row by row! Thank you!

  24. What a beautiful row! I think you’ve captured the feel of the area. Thank you for sharing your creativity and your talents with all of us.

  25. I just love the nautical theme you choose…and lobsters!!! Yummy.

  26. Love your row. Thanks so much for sharing with us

  27. Wow. All paper pieced. What great talent.

  28. Wonderful row, takes me to the coast!

  29. Visited a bit of Maine last year. Beautiful state.

  30. Your row is beautiful! So much detail. Thanks for sharing with us, great job!

    Thanks for a chance to win.


  31. Maine is a wonderful state. Best lobster in the world. Great row, love the lighthouse.

  32. I like this row, you did a great job. Thank you!

  33. Paper piecing is such a neat way to design such an intricate row. Excellent. Thank you for the pattern.

  34. i have never been to the East Coast; my husband is from Long Island and we would like to visit there and the rest of the Northeast someday. i love exploring!

  35. This is a charming and beautiful block…thanks for sharing!

  36. What a wonderful depiction of the lighthouse and its glow!

  37. Your row is terrific! Especially love the lighthouse and the sailboat!

  38. Love your row! I am a flatlander but made my first trip to Maine over 20 years ago and fell in love so when I saw where your row was I knew I had to get it. Thanks for designing it and sharing. Rina

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