The Road Home Row Along Show and Tell Day

The Road Home Row Along Show and Tell Day

So today is the last day of the The Home Row Along, and it is show and tell day.

I absolutely loved ALL of the rows, and I plan on making all of them and making a queen sized quilt. The layout is not finalized yet, but I will share that when I get to that point.

Now! I had every intention of presenting a full queen sized quilt top for show and tell day, but life and other events, have put a serious damper on those plans for now. What I do have to show you, has been quilted up and in use as we speak.  I especially had a problem with my hands at the moment, at my young age (42) I have arthritis in my fingers and wrists. My thumbs are most effected, and it is making the cutting out of pieces very painful.  I tried scissors and the rotary cutter, it makes no difference.  If I could just get that cut out, then I can applique the bits with the sewing machine. Because hand appliqueing is out of the question. I will have to save up and get myself one of there “shape cutting machines”.

Without further ado, here is my 3 rows I have managed to sew. The first one I kept separate from the other 2, as I love it so much.

I decided to turn this one into a wall hanging for my room, as my room has a space theme, being a Star Trek fanatic.

This is the Outer Space row.

The Road Home Row Along Show and Tell Day

The pieces is all machine appliqued, which has quilted all of the layers together. The binding is a bright orange, just because I love orange.

Sarah designed this row, and you can read up about it and get the pattern link here …

hosted by Marian at Seams to be Sew

12011387_744785302334263_7072732987409645872_nThe other 2 rows, is stitched together using quilt as you go. And this is my first time to use the Quilt as you go method, I failed a bit here. As  didn’t follow the instructions in the video properly, lesson learned.

The bottom row is my own row based on our beach here where I live in Amanzimtoti, South Africa.

The top row is the African Sunset row. Which I just love. I made a couple of mistakes here, that I only saw right at the end when I was nearly finished piecing the row. Completely my own mistake. I also left out the Meerkats, that is supposed to fit in at the end. My hands were killing me by this time.

The Road Home Row Along Show and Tell Day

This is my new table runner or topper for our coffee table, which is in use right now.

The African Sunset row was designed by Janeen from Quilt Art Designs, and you can find her post and pattern link here …

And my row pattern here …


The best part of today’s post is the awesome prizes

northcott-colorworks northcott-logo-200x200

a Rafflecopter giveaway


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Last but not least, here is  a list of the other show and tell bloggers for today. Please go and have a look at what they have sewn up, plus they have different prizes available as well.

Have an awesome crafty week. See you again soon.
Quilt In Piece
Oh yes, come and have a look at what we are up to in the Fantastic Beasts Quilt Along, a Harry Potter inspired quilt in our Facebook Group, they are all paper pieced patterns, and you will finish up with a Queen sized bed quilt.  The Quilt Along started this past Wednesday.
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These are the first 5 blocks that has been released. Click on logo above to go to week 1.
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  1. The whole reason I wanted a cutting machine is because I have carpal tunnel in my right wrist. It’s made a world of difference, so I hope you will be able to afford a cutting machine soon. I love how your rows turned out and I know when Sarah sees her row, she’s going to squeal with joy at how cute it turned out. I will be sure to let her know… Great job with Janeen and the combination of your row also, they look just like they should go together, and you can talk about mistakes all you want, but I didn’t see any. Thank you so much for showing something today. I don’t really mind that people don’t finish full quilts, it’s just nice to see interpretations of other peoples rows by the bloggers participating. 🙂

  2. Vanda , I am loving your block and how cool it looks. It’s fun to see the finished product on the hop

  3. You did a great job with those rows! Sorry to hear about your arthritis issues.

  4. Great Job. I loved the spaceship row. It needs to be by itself.

    I have the beginning stages of arthritis in my hands, also. I use Aspercreme®.

  5. this has been a fun and informative qal. thanks for sharing and being a part of it all. your rows are wonderful.

  6. Wow. I just started paper piecing. Thank you for the inspiration.

  7. Great row, thanks!!

  8. Fun seeing all the rows. Harry Potter’s beast are interesting.

  9. Love seeing the rows done. The space row makes my heart happy and the Africa row just captivates me looking at it.

  10. Wonderful rows and I see why you want the space row for your wall. So much fun. It is the only row that I have been able to do.

    So sorry your hands are painful. I hope you can get a cutting machine and that it works for you.

  11. You took on some beautiful rows and did a lovely job with them. It’s no fun to have sore hands when trying to sew!

  12. Your table runner is beautiful. I love the rows you chose for it And the Outer Space row is truly out of this world. It is sooo cute. Great job!

  13. Thanks for sharing your finished rows. The space row is one of my favorites from the whole row along. And the African rows make a nice table runner.

  14. Love the rows that you completed. You did a beautiful job.

  15. Wonderful job.

  16. The row by row hop has been fantastic. Thank you!

  17. I’m a Trekkie, too, so that space row is definitely going to be made – yours is adorable! I might mix it with some other space rows from the summer’s RxR Experience. I do like it hanging alone as you have it. Might have to do that for my son – maybe both of them. We are all Trekkies here! Well, really, any science fiction film or book, for the most part. I like your combined rows for the coffee table, too. Thanks for sharing. I hope your hand pain eases up soon.

  18. Thanks for sharing. I congratulate you on pursuing the projects you do and how you have found other ways to sew them so they work for you. I liked your own row.

  19. Enjoyed seeing your rows. I didn’t see any mistakes, only love of home.

  20. Sorry about your arthritis. I hope you can get a die cutting machine soon. And I agree, I didn’t see any mistakes in the rows you completed. We all need to learn to be easier on ourselves and not point out what we consider “mistakes”. We are the only ones that see them. Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us.

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