Romulan Ale

What can I say, Romulan Ale had to done.

My favorite scene was where Kirk had the State dinner with Gorkon and everyone got a little tipsy.
Romulan Ale, star trek, quilt, sewing, paper piecing, pattern, free
Romulan Ale. Click picture to download the pattern.
Romulan ale was a highly intoxicating alcoholic drink of Romulan origin with a characteristic blue color.
It was also used for “medicinal purposes” (Really? Now you tell me)

Captain James T. Kirk: [dictating his personal log] The Enterprise hosted Chancellor Gorkon and company to dinner last night. Our manners weren’t exactly Emily Post. Note to the Galley; Romulan Ale can no longer be served at diplomatic functions.
Vanda Chittenden


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