Romulan Honor Blade

The Romulan Honor Blade is a stunning piece of weaponry and worthy of a place in any Star Trek Quilt.
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Romulan Honor Blade. Click on the picture to download the pattern.
Honor, is something the Romulans valued the most.
The Romulan Honor Blade (Romulan: dathe’anofv-sen) is a traditional weapon.
Honor blades is passed down through Romulan families, and are ritually sharpened.
I love the shape of this weapon, it just looks deadly and mean. The Romulans used these weapons to behead any opponents who stands in their way or betrays them.
Nero is a particularly troubled Romulan.
– Spock, 2258 (Star Trek)

Vanda Chittenden
fis designer As soon on Fandom in Stitches2


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