Scrapbusting Quilts

Scrapbusting Quilts

A recent return from a heart-wrenching trip early in December, inspired me to make a “Remembrance” Quilt, not sure what to call it.

After color sorting through the scraps brought back from my trip, I decided on a lovely purple scrap quilt block. Deciding against making a full-sized quilt, I made a runner, the accent piece you put at the end of your bed?

Here is the pattern.

Scrapbusting QuiltsThe entire block is 20 inches x 20 inches.

Each little purple scrap is 2 inches x 2 inches. With all the measurements, you need to add a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Just measure the white strips to match the sides of the purple, stitch them all together. Wah la.

This is the finished square.

quilt-2I then just added five squares together to make my runner. Done.


This quilt is made in honor of my aunt Estella Alexandria Du Preez, whom I loved very much. She was a quilter and a seamstress most of her life, and I loved messaging with her my latest creations, and pinning stuff from Pinterest with her. She sadly passed away on 8 December 2014 from advanced Leukemia, Lymphoma and a Tumor on her stomach. These scraps were from her fabric stash I brought back with me after the funeral. I really miss her a lot, especially today, when I finished my first quilt after she passed away and I wanted to message her a picture, then realized she’s not there anymore. I had a little cry, then decided to dedicate this post to Aunt Stella.



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