Spock Paper Pieced Block

Spock Paper Pieced Block

I finally managed to get to Spock. I am so happy with him.

Spock Paper Pieced Block

You can click on the picture for the free pattern download. It will take you to a different page.

This year my Star Trek quilt will be completely finished. It is ending up to be more a tribute to Spock than anything else.

Plus this year is the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek. So this quilt will be finished by June.

I am by no means anywhere near finished with Star Trek though, there is still loads more patterns planned, and there has been some requests for specific Star Trek patterns, which I am currently working on.

After the requests have been designed, and the rest of my current quilt, I will be focusing on The Next Generations blocks, then DS9, Voyager and lastly Enterprise, in this order. Finally once I have watched the brand new series coming out in 2017, I will design those as well.

And of course, with the brand new timeline, there will be new things and places and aliens to make into blocks to. The project is endless.

If you put in a request, I will obviously work on that blocks first before the other blocks being designed.

All current request are being worked on right now.

As soon on Fandom in Stitches2

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