Star Trek Christmas Themed Table Runner

A Star Trek Christmas Themed Table Runner.

YES! I did say that. Am I mad, nuts, crazy in the head? NO!! This year I decided to make things more fun for me, as opposed to doing things like “normal” people. Because, I am not normal in anyway whatsoever. This pattern is free to download, just for my fans and followers. I hope you enjoy it, and please email me a photo if you make one of these. I would love to see what you have made.

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Star Trek Christmas Themed Table Runner
This one above, is the original design. The photo below is what I made from the pattern. You can choose if you want the original series logo, without the ovals. Or from the Next Generation, logo with the ovals. Easy! 

The pattern is appliqued 25 x 12". You can obviously make it bigger or smaller, mix things up a bit.
star trek, christmas, fandom, xmas, quilting, applique, sewing, craft
Star Trek Christmas Themed Table Runner

You can download the pattern here.

The next couple of days I will maintain online silence for a bit, as I get ready for a cross country trip to visit with my sister.  Plus the last minutes Christmas present rush to finish off. A couple of quilts for little nieces and nephews, children and parents.

I am hoping to get one more post in before leaving on Friday, as I have some Star Wars Sith robes to show off. I have no pattern for it. A friend Jennifer Ofenstein from Fandom in Stitches, gave me some guidelines to work with, plus my friend is 6 foot something, so I had to wing it a bit.  I a going to try and get that post out on Thursday afternoon after we have gone to watch Star Wars.

Other than that I will only be posting again next week sometime with updates on the Minnie Mouse quilt, Bonsai Quilt,  a quilted Christmas Apron.



PS: Do you prefer Applique patterns or Paper Pieced Patterns? Let me know via the contact form. I have mostly done paper piecing, but am venturing into applique some more. Let me know which you prefer more.


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