Star Trek Enterprise Shuttle

Star Trek Enterprise Shuttle.

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Click on picture to download the pattern.

The shuttle had to be included in my quilt, and talking about quilt, it is about time, I lay out all my blocks and see if I have enough for a queen size bed yet.

But don’t worry, there is load more patterns on the way. When I started with the patterns, I had to many ideas running through my head and all of them needs to be made.

Below is the official description of a shuttle;

In starship classification, a shuttlecraft or shuttle or glider, is a type of auxiliary craft typically attached to a starship or a starbase. Most shuttles are short-range transports, possessing only impulse drive or a limited warp capability. Utilization of shuttlecraft is common for most spacefaring civilizations, especially for situations where the transporter cannot be used for landings, or where such technology does not yet exist.

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