Star Trek Quilt Top Complete

Star Trek Quilt Top Complete

My fellow Star Trek fans, the quilt top is complete. I just need to find the perfect backing for it and get quilting.

Check it out, isn’t it the best thing you have ever seen?

Star Trek Quilt Top Complete

(really need to work on my quilt photography)

I will post a nice photo once the quilt top is quilted.

Most of the block patterns are mine, but there are some other designers in there as well. You can find them on my Star Trek page here.

Or on Fandom in Stitches

and Some can be found on Sewhooked

Originally I thought it would be a good idea to have both black and brown starry fabric for the background. It doesn’t look to bad, but I think I would have gone with just the black background.

Also these Star Trek patterns were some of the first patterns I designed when I just started designing. And there was no plan of action on anything at all. I just designed willy nilly.

So when it came time to put them all together it became a problem, I had to add fabric to some, and trim off on others to make them all fit together.

Since them I have planned all my quilt tops, to ligically fit together, so that it does not become a problem for other quilters to put together.


I know there has not been any new Star Trek patterns posted recently, but there is a reason for that. I a planning a Star Trek quilt along for 2018. It is themed The Next Generation. Whoohoo, my favorite series. So all the patterns being designed is specifically for the quilt along and cannot be share yet.

If you would like a quilt along based on the other series as well, no worries they are coming as well. But you can help me decide which one will be next.

Please comment below or fill in the the contact form below and let me know what type of Star Trek theme or a completely other theme you would like to see.

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Hope everyone has a wonderful crafty week, see you next time.


Vanda Chittenden



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  • Vanda

    Thank you so much Wendy. I am a complete Star Trek Geek. It has only been on the last 2 years that I allowed myself to bring out the inner geek. I am nowhere near finished with all the Star Trek patterns.

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