Star Trek Vulcan Script

The Star Trek Vulcan Script is in progress.

I just wanted to update everyone on upcoming Star Trek patterns coming out.

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This is the first of +- 26 script from the Vulcan language. They will each symbolize a letter of the alphabet. The one above is “A”.

These will be designed as 5″ paper piece blocks, which I will be using as a border for my Star Trek quilt when it is done.

For now I will not be sharing the Vulcan Script patterns, as I want to put them all out into one big blog post. Once you have all of the patterns, you can mix and match them, to make words or people’s names.

These patterns will all be free to download, so no worries there.

As I near the end of my quilt, I don’t feel like I have done nearly enough. I haven’t covered all the bases.

So have come to the decision, that I will be carrying on making patterns for Star Trek, as there is all the series and all the movies, and all the aliens and planet and ships ……. need I say more.

Plus there is the new timeline, we are rapidly approaching the third installment of Star Trek. And a brand new series will be making its appearance in 2017. Yes, yes, YES! All with brand new aliens and planets, and costume designs. The pattern ideas is endless.

For the foreseeable future, there will be an unlimited supply of new patterns coming out.

If anyone would like something specific, from anything in Star Trek, let me know in the contact form below or the comment field.

And I will gladly design something for you.

On the fun side, I have designed a Christmas themed Star Trek table runner for the holidays, which I will share with everyone as soon as I  finish it off. I just couldn’t help myself.

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