Startup Library Quilting

Startup Library Quilting

Last week I was given the absolutely fantastic opportunity to gain access to Christa Watson’s new class on Craftsy called Startup Library: Quilting. Plus she gave me a coupon code to give all of you for 50% off the class price.

If you are looking at learning to Quilt or am a beginner at quilting and looking to learn more skills, this is the class for you.

I was very impressed at the comprehensive list of subjects Christa covered in this 6 hour long class. The class is broken up in 14 lessons, than can be paused, slowed down or sped up. Plus you can access the class at any time.

Christa cover a everything you need to know, from

  • Fabric and tools: the different types of fabric out there, which is best, what tools you will need to use in piecing and quilting your quilt. Plus starching methods.
  • Getting to know you machine and what it does for you.
  • Patterns, what to expect and how to read them plus she covers common quilting terminology, which can be confusing at times. Christa also talks about choosing your projects wisely, to ensure you get a pattern that fits your level of experience, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.
  • Cutting: The scary bit for most people. Christa talks about rulers and rotary cutter, and how to use them effectively to accurately cut your fabric.
  • Sewing: Oh, now this is where the sewing comes in. Included in the class is a pattern for a beautiful quilt called Friendship Stars. Now don’t worry the quilt looks complicated, but it is super easy to make. In the class, Christa show you step by step how to make this quilt, from cutting and sewing the blocks together. Finishing up the quilt top and adding some borders.

  • Backing and batting: she cover all the different types of batting available to use and different ways to make you backing from a single piece to a pieced backing.
  • Basting: this is the part I always dread. Christa talks about the spray-basting method for this quilt. With lots of tips and tricks.
  • QUILTING: This is where a lot of people’s quilt tops become a UFO (Unfinished Object) in the cupboard. Or they send it off to a long arm quilter. Christa teaches you how to quilt your own quilt on your normal everyday sewing machine. She has a couple of different patterns she will show you how to quilt.
  • Binding: Congratulate yourself, you have made your very own quilt from beginning to end. Now to bind it. Christa shows you how to make you own binding and how to sew it on.

Here is a direct link to the class on Craftsy with the 50% discount.  You can find Christa Watson on her website here.

Have a happy Crafty week.


Vanda Chittenden


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