Hi everyone, Some of you may have seen, that there has been flooding in my area. There has been many homes swept away and there has been some landslides. But we are safe. For the people who have lost their home and members of their families and their pets, they have received and overwhelming crowd of support from our community. And through it all, I did have 2 assignments that needed to get done. And so I am sharing a short article I had to write for my 1 assignment. I hope that you enjoy reading it. Hopefully now that the pressure is off, fromRead More →

Updates: Can you believe we are already in the 4th month. What happened to February and March? I thought I better pop in, just to say hi to everyone and give an update on what’s been happening. Studying towards a degree AND working a full-time job, does not work out to well. Especially when you do not let go of a couple of your extra curricular activities. Having to make some serious adjustments to sort that issue out. Because, I will be studying for the next couple of years. Doesn’t matter what happens. Unfortunately, I have had to cut down on sewing and quilting (aRead More →