The Trouble with Tribbles And here she is, as promised. This is one of the patterns that was requested. It took me awhile to work out how to design something that is essentially just a ball of fluff. So this is the best I could do. I hope you like it. Designed and tested by Vanda Chittenden 10″ paper pieced (without seam allowance) Click on the pictures above for the free download link. (I think we have enough TOS now, and will be designing newer series patterns from now on) Today’s pattern is the Tribble, which is a curious creature, that once invested the Enterprise.Read More →

The Star Trek Vulcan Script is in progress. I just wanted to update everyone on upcoming Star Trek patterns coming out. This is the first of +- 26 script from the Vulcan language. They will each symbolize a letter of the alphabet. The one above is “A”. These will be designed as 5″ paper piece blocks, which I will be using as a border for my Star Trek quilt when it is done. For now I will not be sharing the Vulcan Script patterns, as I want to put them all out into one big blog post. Once you have all of the patterns, youRead More →

Vulcan 3d Chess Set Yes, I do love the Vulcans, it seems as though I have a load of Vulcan patterns in my quilt. This chess set is an absolute must add to my Star Trek quilt. I hope you like it. You can get the pattern as a download when you click on the picture below. The Vulcan 3d Chess set first appeared in the very first Pilot Episode of Star Trek the original series. Spock was playing against Kirk. [During a game of chess] Spock: I’ll have you checkmated your next move. Kirk: [chuckles] Have I ever mentioned you play an irritating gameRead More →