The Great Library!

Recently I had been offered some Theological books to keep or pass forward. And I said yes, thinking it was going to be 2 boxes of books, maybe. Oh boy was I wrong. 21 boxes of books later, I sorted through them all and selected a few that I need for my studies, a few that I need for growing my knowledge about things, and a few books that is about interests that I have. And let’s be clear by a few, I mean, I basically have one wall filled with books. And the rest is being sorted through by my Pastor, for his collection.

I love books. I love the smell of books, the feel of the books, that an e-book doesn’t give you.

For awhile I had been thinking about writing some reviews on books that I read. And I think the the time has arrived.

And so I kick off the series of book reviews with something light and easy to read. Mainly because with all the studying right now, I am not up to anything heavy right now.

The first book is… just for fun!

The World’s Greatest Computer Cartoons!

Several Carnoonists that I won’t mention here, put together this book, for those who are computer savvy. I thought a lot of it was quite funny, due to the way we have been so reliant on computers and online media, during lockdown.

Here is my favourite cartoon in the book.

The Second book is…

Instant Cartoons for Church Newsletters

Featured cartoonists are Joe McKeever, Howard Paris, and Howard Stringer.

A taste of what is in the book is shown in the photo below.
As the title suggests, a comical look at the Church and the people in it. Quite funny and easy to read.
They have set the pages up in such a way, that you can easily convert the cartoon into something that can be used easily in a Pew Leaflet or Newsletter.

These books will be going to a new home now, as I do not intend to keep these for myself.

What is up next?

A book titled “Job and the Mystery of Suffering“, Spiritual Reflections by Richard Rohr.

Peace and Love

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