The Trouble with Tribbles

The Trouble with Tribbles

And here she is, as promised.

This is one of the patterns that was requested.

It took me awhile to work out how to design something that is essentially just a ball of fluff. So this is the best I could do. I hope you like it.

The Trouble with Tribbles
The finished block
The trouble with Tribbles
The design.

Designed and tested by Vanda Chittenden

10″ paper pieced (without seam allowance)

Click on the pictures above for the free download link.

(I think we have enough TOS now, and will be designing newer series patterns from now on)

Today’s pattern is the Tribble, which is a curious creature, that once invested the Enterprise.

 Tribbles are fictional alien species in the Star Trek universe who first appeared in the episode titled “The Trouble with Tribbles”. They are depicted as small, furry, soft, gentle, attractive, and slow-moving, and they usually produce a soothing purring or cooing sound when stroked, all of which are endearing traits to humans, Vulcans, and their hybrids. However, because tribbles reproduce incredibly fast, and consume exponentially larger and larger amounts of food as they multiply and crawl stealthily from one place to another, Starfleet considers them dangerous organisms and forbids their transportation. The Klingons, in whose presence tribbles produce a convulsive, shrieking reaction, go as far as to consider them “mortal enemies”, as stated in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Trials and Tribble-ations”. – Wiki

Spock claimed he was immune to the effects of the Tribble. 

Till next time, have an awesome day.




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  • Sue

    thank you, so sweet of you to make this pattern…I have a little furball of
    a tribble that my son got me as a gift years ago and now I can add it to
    my quilt in progress.

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