TTMT #11

TTMT #11 . Where I talk a bit about projects in progress, but no finished projects (that I can actually show).

I recently finished my Creepy Crawly Halloween Haunts Applique quilt.  The post can be found here.

Creepy Crawley Halloween Haunts, ttmt #11The center creepy tree, now called the bonsai tree. Is the center piece for a wall hanging for my dad, my dad and I share a passion for growing bonsai. There is no picture to show of that tree yet, but will take one as soon as I have added the words below and above the tree.

You can see both the new bonsai tree quilt in progress and the nearly finished signature block in this weeks TTMT video below.

Please excuse the coloring, I seem to either get the picture to dark or to red and orange.

I have a lot more free patterns in the works, plus some patterns for sale.

  1. Star Trek – Free patterns
  2. Ice Age- free patterns
  3. Christmas patterns – haven’t decided yet.
  4. Anime – free patterns
  5. Super Secret project due in 2016 – free patterns

Hope everyone has a great day.

Look out for future TTMT #11 videos with big reveals and finished projects.


Vanda Chittenden



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