WOW! for Lent, studies & some updates.


Can you believe we are already in the 4th month. What happened to February and March? I thought I better pop in, just to say hi to everyone and give an update on what’s been happening.

Studying towards a degree AND working a full-time job, does not work out to well. Especially when you do not let go of a couple of your extra curricular activities. Having to make some serious adjustments to sort that issue out. Because, I will be studying for the next couple of years. Doesn’t matter what happens.

Unfortunately, I have had to cut down on sewing and quilting (a sacrifice I was happy to make, as I am now busy with my new and forever mission), though I still do some small sewing stuff for the church. At the moment I am fixing some table clothes. Once that is done, I have some plans for some new Liturgical banners for the church. I am really looking forward to making those, and getting the creative juices flowing again. This does not mean that I will give up quilting forever, just that it isn’t high on my priority list right now.


My first two assignments are due 26 April, so I am in the last push to finish them, review them and make them look like I actually look like I know what I am doing and that I could actually be a degree level student.

The funny thing I found out about myself while learning how to study again after many, many years of not studying, (wow what a wake up call this has been – this thing called studying) anyway, back to the funny thing. I love doing my assignment drafts on the laptop and not in written form. It makes it so much easier to edit. The problem is though, that I seem to like writing extremely long essays about stuff.

So when I am answering questions for my assignments, each question has a word count.

Let’s say 350 words and the question is – let’s say – “A young couple in your church recently lost their 2 year old son to drowning. They do not want to blaspheme God, but are struggling to understand how God could allow their son to die. They want to know whether God is not powerful enough, or whether God does not love enough. Write some notes for this family, explaining the issue of providence, and possible ways of understanding the loss of their son.” …

My first reaction…

And then the words come, so 2000 odd words later, I am super satisfied with my answer. Except!!! The realization hits, that I now have reduce the word count down to 350 words (you get penalized if it is over the required amount, by the way) I could so easily write 350 words, just on ways I understand the loss of their son. And so it is all about balance and adjustment.

The Season of Lent:

We started out Lenten journey this year with a retreat at Coolock House, down the South Coast, (that is in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa). Beautiful and tranquil place to go for a retreat. We had 3 days of prayer, worship and contemplation, with some quiet time in between. It was the best way to start the Season of Lent.

This Lent has been a time of repentance and renewal. I will need to write a separate post on my Lenten Journey, it deserves it.

We did have WOW! for Lent over the past 5 weeks of Lent. Or to explain, Worship on Wednesday for Lent. Every Wednesday at 17:30, the 2 parishes (St Mary’s and The Good Shepherd) came together for a bring and share meal, for some fellowship and a session on one of the Spiritual Disciplines.

It was awesome getting to know fellow community members, which is nearly impossible to do during a Sunday Service.

I loved learning more about the Spiritual Disciplines, and find myself especially loving Contemplative Prayer.

Spiritual Disciplines also warrants it’s own blog post. More about this another time.

And so I will end here for today. And say…

Happy Sewing!

May God be with you in all you do.



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