An invocation and prayer

Eternal Lord God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
Praised be your holy Name for your love for your Creation.
Praise to you, Eternal Father, for desiring a responsive Creation;
Praise to you, Eternal Word, for accomplishing Creation and saving it;
Praise to you, Holy Spirit Eternal, for sustaining Creation in holiness and power.

Come Holy Father to embrace me in your eternal arms;
Come Lord Jesus, Word made Flesh, to redeem me from my imperfection;
Come Blessed Spirit, the Sanctifier and Comforter,
To fill me with all those charismatic Gifts I need to do your most holy will:
to honour the Name Jesus; to build up the Church;
to bring unity to your People; and to spread the holy Gospel.
Most Holy Trinity, enfold me in your love in order to fulfill my
baptismal covenant and dedication.

I open myself, humbly and expectantly to your Grace and Mercy.
I thank you that you have heard my prayer. Amen. Alleluia.

As the Lord promised to those who ask in humility and faith,
so that His purposed may be accomplished,
rejoice that He has heard your prayer and will use you in his good time,
and you will be given the opportunities to use the gifts you have prayed for.

Sourced from “Travelling along the Anglican Way” Canon, The Revd Fr. R Roy Snyman tssf. 2004:38

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