Blog updates and changes


Hi everyone,

After some reflection and contemplation about the past year and where the future is taking me. I have made some decisions about some of my activities.

I am expecting some of your leave me after this blog post, and I am OK with that. We are all different people with different views, and I respect that.


Most of you would have started following me, because of Fandom In Stitches and all the Quilt Alongs I designed patterns for. And through the Partners in Design group and my patterns through that group. And a few of you know me through the TTMT vlogging group with Jennifer Ofenstein from Sewhooked. Thank you for your loyal following over the last couple of years.

In terms of patterns and sewing, I have closed down my sewing business, and am in the process of closing all those Facebook pages and groups. Except the ones from Fandom in Stitches, an admin will run those groups. I will not be selling patterns again. Or designing.

This is not the end of my sewing though, as I love sewing and to stop would be like cutting of my right arm. Family and friends will still get sewn gifts from me and a lot of Church sewing is on the cards. And where I have time, I will still share a pattern here and there. Sewing will just not be my main focus. So I will still share some sewing stories here, whenever I can.

All my Fandom patterns, will still be available through Fandom in Stitches, which is hosted by Jennifer Ofenstein. Those won’t disappear. And I have my final sew along with Jennifer from January 2019, which will be my goodbye to the Fandom. All the patterns will be available on the FIS website.

The past year

Most of you will know already, how difficult the past year has been. Starting with the death of my 2 year old niece, that sent me into a spiral down into a dark hole, that I was struggling to get out of. Combined with some repressed memories surfacing, it was not a good start to the year. And I needed some serious counseling.

The Church

Early in the year, I found my way back to the Lord, Jesus Christ, and I discovered a passion for ministry in the Church. It has taken me the whole year, but I have realized that I have a mission to fulfill. One that I have been denying for decades. I have now accepted my calling from God, and will spend time learning and doing what I need to do, to fulfill my mission.

That is why I am changing my focus for this blog slightly, to include my journey into Ministry and Mission and study.

Thank you to everyone, who has been following me. If you are leaving my blog, that is OK! If you are staying, awesome!

I look forward to sharing my story with you into the future.

Happy Sewing!

Vanda Chittenden