Doubting Thomas

The story of “Doubting Thomas,” as he’s often called, comes up every year on St. Thomas Day. It’s a story in the Bible (John 20:24-29) that speaks to all of us, even if we’re not familiar with the characters.

Thomas, one of Jesus’ disciples, misses the first sighting of Jesus after he comes back from the dead. When the others tell him they’ve seen Jesus, Thomas says he won’t believe it unless he can see Jesus’ wounds for himself, even put his finger in them!

Thomas gets a bad rap for doubting, but maybe we can relate to him. We all have moments where something seems too good to be true, or we just need a little more information before we believe something. It’s okay to have doubts and questions.

The good news is, Jesus doesn’t get mad at Thomas. He actually shows up again a week later and gives Thomas exactly what he asked for – proof of the wounds. This shows that God is understanding and patient, even with our doubts.

In the end, Thomas does believe. He calls Jesus “My Lord and my God!” But here’s the interesting part: Jesus says something right after that. He says that people who believe without seeing are actually blessed. This means faith isn’t just about having proof, it’s about a deeper connection with something bigger than ourselves.

So, on St. Thomas Day, we remember that faith is a journey, not a destination. It’s okay to have doubts, and it’s important to seek answers. Just like Jesus met Thomas where he was, God meets us where we are on our own journeys of faith.

Almighty God,

On this day we remember St. Thomas, the apostle who wrestled with doubt. We acknowledge that, like Thomas, we too sometimes struggle to believe. Help us, like Thomas, to seek answers and not be afraid to ask questions.

Grant us the courage to face our doubts and the patience to allow our faith to grow. May we, like Thomas, find moments of encounter with you that deepen our belief.

We pray for those who are searching for faith, and for those whose faith has wavered. Guide them on their journeys and lead them to a place of peace and trust in you.


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