• Nourishing Narratives – Book review

    “Nourishing Narratives: The Power of Story to Shape Our Faith” by Jennifer L. Holberg is an enlightening exploration of how stories influence and enrich our spiritual journey. Holberg masterfully delves into the profound connection between narratives and our faith, inviting…

  • Embracing the Miracles of Healing and Restoration

    In the pages of the Bible, we encounter numerous accounts of Jesus’ miracles, each serving as a testament to His power and compassion. One such extraordinary event is found in Matthew 9:18-26, where we witness the awe-inspiring miracles of healing…

  • Star Trek Discovery Row

    Today’s pattern is for the Star Trek Discovery Row along I took part in with Fandom in Stitches. You can find the rest of the rows on their website here. http://www.fandominstitches.com/2011/04/star-trek.html#startrekalong You can download my row below.

  • Summer Sensations

    In my clean up and re organizing I found another old pattern, that I haven’t shared yet. Summer Sensations, is a paper pieced Camping quilt. The size is a lap blanket, or can be used for picnicking.

  • Test Pattern Butterfly 1

    Hi everyone, I am looking for someone who can test some paper pieced butterfly patterns. There are 5 different butterflies. If you are willing, please use the contact form if you are interested. Then I can email the pattern to…